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Now, Vinnie bursts into the room with Dominique du Monaco, both dressed as maids. Vinnie demands the diamonds, telling the group that he plans to start a new life in Europe with Dominique. Calmly, Rita hands him the heart-shaped box (containing the dead man's heart), and Vinnie and Dominique exit. In a burst of passion, Rita and Tony forgive each other; they take the diamond-laden corpse, and depart. Harry and Annabel are left alone, with only Uncle's infallible system for roulette, an all-expense paid week in Monte Carlo, and each other. Harry locks the door. And in a rare moment for both of them, he and Annabel decide to stay on together for Uncle's all-expense paid week, and see what happens. CAST: - 6 men, 4 women • Annabel Glick • Vinnie di Ruzzi • Dominique du Monaco • Uncle Anthony • Luigi Gaudi • Harry Witherspoon • Solicitor • Monte Carlo M.C. • Boarder • Landlady • Lady on Train • Rita la Porta MUSICAL NUMBERS: 1. Something Funny's Going On - Company 2. Mr Witherspoon's Friday Night - Harry, Landlady, Boarders, Uncle Anthony 3. Uncle's Last Request - Harry, Solicitor, Uncle Antthony 4. Good To Be Alive - Harry, Company 5. Rita's Confession - Rita, Vinnie 6. A Woman In My Bathroom 7. Lucky - Harry, Luigi 8. Dogs Versus You - Annabel, Harry 9. A Day Around Town - Dance 10. Phone Call - Vinnie 11. Monte Carlo - Monte Carlo M.C. 12. Speaking French - Dominique, Harry, Company 13. Times Like This - Annabel 14. Fancy Meeting You Here - Rita, Company 15. Somehting Funny's Going On (reprise) - Company 16. Him, Them, It, Her - Harry, Company 17. Nice - Annabel, Harry 18. Welcome Back, Mr. Witherspoon (the Nightmare) - Company 19. Confession #2 - Uncle Anthony, Harry, Annabel, Rita 20. Fancy Meeting You Here (reprise) - Rita, Uncle Anthony, Company 21. Finale: Good To Be Alive - Harry, Annabel, Company SCENES AND SETTINGS The present. England, Atlantic City and Monte Carlo INSTRUMENTATION: Percussion; piano; keyboard; bass guitar DISCOGRAPHY Lucky Stiff - York Theatre Company Cast Recording