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still not enough to keep the paper running, so everyone, except Zach, agrees to give the money to Robert and Regine as a wedding gift. As they prepare to publish the last edition, Booth tries again to win back Jane's affections. A teletype interrupts with news of Isadora's death in a car accident. Booth believes "Isadora would like to be mourned with champagne" and asks Jane to save him a seat at the wedding, near her. Everyone gathers and celebrates the wedding. Robert seems unusually anxious and we find out he has bet all the gift money on a horse named "Wedding Day" - another long shot - and the race is during the wedding. Luckily, the horse wins and Robert and Regine have enough money for themselves as well as to share with the staff. On a whim, Jane asks Booth is he would give up his new job in New York to follow her to Berlin. Surprisingly to her, he answers YES! As rain begins to fall, he proposes marriage and she happily accepts. As Elder Jane and Elder Booth watch the scene fade, a Young American enters speaking in broken French. They point him to a hotel and Elder Booth tells him, "I stayed there when I first came to Paris. Bon Chance!" CAST • Alice B. Toklas - Gertrude's diminutive companion. Must tap. Loves Gertrude and horses. • Elder Henderson Booth A charming, romantic man in later life, nursing his youthful illusions. Doubles as the tyrannical General Maclean. • Elder Jane Wiley Sophisticated, opinionated and stylish older woman. (Doubles as Momma Maclean) • General Maclean - Publisher of Paris Edition of Defender. A rogue who spouts purity and patriotism and seeks pleasure in Paris. (Doubles as Elder Henderson Booth) • Gertrude Stein - Hefty and formidable writer of the American avant garde in Paris. • Henderson Booth - His youthful self. Energetic, ambitious reporter who has just arrived in Paris. • Isadora Duncan Legendary modern dancer and seductress. • Jane Wiley - Attractive, disillusioned young American reporter for the Paris Edition of the Denver Defender. • Josephine Baker - Glamorous black entertainer and the rage of Paris in the Jazz Age. • Mike Malone - Managing Editor of Paris Edition of the Denver Defender. Cynical and bemused. • Momma Maclean - Elderly mother of the General. Champion kleptomaniac with generous impulses and a gentle heart. (Doubles as Elder Jane Wiley) • Regine Duvalier (Reggie) - Worldly French fashion reporter on The Defender. • Robert Leary - Former boy genius gone to seed in Paris. Compulsive gambler. Sports reporter on Defender. Long-time lover of Reggie. • Zach Monroe - Dashing newspaper photographer. A self-absorbed womanizer and a helluva dancer. Ensemble - Play various parts such as tourists, waiters in the cafe, nightclub patrons, office workers at The Defender. MUSICAL NUMBERS 1. Overture 2. Montmartre 3. I'm Shooting High 4. Exactly Like You 5. On the Sunny Side of the Street 6. Comin' In on a Wing and a Prayer 7. It's a Wonderful World 8. Doin' the New Low Down 9. A Lovely Way to Spend an Evening 10. I Walked In