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LUCKY GUY Book, Music and Lyrics by Willard Beckham Little Shubert Theatre; First Preview: April 29, 2011; Opening Night: May 19, 2011; Closed May 29, 2011; 23 previews, 14 performances SYNOPSIS LUCKY GUY tells the tale of a singing cowboy in Nashville who wins a song contest and the chance to become a star! The fun begins when the Queen of Country Music, who lives in a 28 room trailer, schemes to steal his prize winning song. Welcome to Nashville, a town full of colourful characters all chasing after the very same dream: a smash hit record. To beat the odds and strike gold (or, better yet, platinum), it takes one great song, serious talent, or lots of luck — and preferably all three. Featuring an array of musical styles with salutes to Country, Broadway, Vaudeville, Bluegrass, Pop, and even Hawaiian, Lucky Guy weaves a tale of down-home dreamers and low-down schemers all willing to do whatever it takes to come out on top in the cut-throat world of Music City, USA. STORYLINE The story takes place in Music City, U.S.A.-- back in the day when the only thing bigger than the hits were the hairdos. That’s where our hero meets the lovable cast of characters in this colourful retro fantasy world featuring a tribe of tap dancing Indians, a choir of heavenly angels and wigs that magically sing. LUCKY GUY is a fresh, new and totally original musical comedy guaranteed to delight the whole family. It has a fast and funny plot that will have you roaring with laughter and a memorable score filled with songs you’ll be humming long after you leave the theatre. The real heart and soul of the show, however, is the moral of the story: it’s not what you have in life it’s who you have to share it with that makes you a lucky guy. MUSICAL NUMBERS 1. Overture 2. Nashville - Buckaroos 3. I’m Doin’ Hair Today - Chicky 4. Osage County Line - Billy Ray and Buckaroos 5. Lucky Guy - Billy Ray 6. Folks Makin’ Money - G.C., Wanda, Chicky and Billy Ray 7. Blue Jean Blues - Jeannie and Buckaroos 8. Queen of Country Music - Jeannie and Buckaroos 9. Queen of Country Music (Reprise) - Jeannie 10. Needle in a Haystack - Wanda and Billy Ray 11. Do What You Can Do - Billy Ray, Buckaroos, Wanda, Chicky and G.C. 12. Nashville (Reprise) - Buckaroos 13. Maybe Girl - Jeannie and Buckaroos 14. Nashville (Reprise) - Buckaroos 15. Yo A Little Lady - Billy Ray and Buckaroos 16. Find Him and Bring Him Home - Chicky and Wanda