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CAST • Kurt Weill • Lotte Lenya • Bertolt Brecht • George Davis • Woman On Stairs • Brecht's Woman • Magistrate • Judge • Auditioner • Interviewer • Handyman • Photographer • Otto • Allen Lake • Court Secretary ORCHESTRATION Piano; violin; viola; ‘cello; trumpet; clarinet I, II; flute; saxophone I, II; bassoon; bass; drums/percussion/ mallots MUSICAL NUMBERS 1. Speak Low (lyrics by Ogden Nash) - Weill, Lenya 2. Nanna’s Lied (lyrics by Bertolt Brecht) - Woman on Stairs. 3. Kiddush - Weill's Family 4. Song of the Rhineland (lyrics by Ira Gershwin) - Lenya's Family - 5. Klops Lied (Meatball Song) - Weill 6. Berlin im Licht (lyrics by Kurt Weill) – Lenya 7. Tango Ballad (lyrics by Bertolt Brecht) - Brecht, Brecht's Women 8. Alabama Song (lyrics by Bertolt Brecht) - Auditioners. Lenya Kurt 9. Girl of the Moment (lyrics by Ira Gershwin) - Ensemble 10. Moritat (lyrics by Bertolt Brecht) - Brecht, Lenya, Otto. Ensemble 11. Schickelgruber (lyrics by Howard Dietz) - Weill, Brecht 12. I Don't Love You (lyrics by Maurice Magre) - Weill, Lenya 13. Wouldn't You Like To Be On Broadway? (lyrics by Langston Hughes & Elmer Rice) - Weill, Lenya 14. Alabama Song, (Reprise) (lyrics by Bertolt Brecht) - Lenya, Weill, Brecht, Ensemble 15. Entr'acte 16. Very, Very, Very (lyrics by Ogden Nash) -Weill 17. It's Never Too Late To Mendelssohn (lyrics by Ira Gershwin) - Weill, Lenya, Stenographer. Judge 18. Surabaya Johnny (lyrics by Bertolt Brecht) - Lenya 19. Buddy On the Night Shift (lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein II)- Allen 20. That's Him (lyrics by Ogden Nash) - Weill 21. Hosannah Rockefeller (lyrics by Bertolt Brecht) - Brecht, Brecht's Women 22. I Don't Love You, (Reprise) (lyrics by Maurice Magre) - Lenya, Weill 23. The Illusion Wedding Show (lyrics by Alan Jay Lerner) - Davis, Ensemble 24. It Never Was You (lyrics by Maxwell Anderson) - Weill 25. A Bird Of Passage (lyrics by Maxwell Anderson) - Weill 26. September Song (lyrics by Maxwell Anderson) - Lenya. Davis SCENES AND SETTINGS LOVEMUSIK takes place between 1924 and 1954 in Berlin, New York and Santa Monica, California. Author Alfred Uhry recommends LOVEMUSIK ‘to be presented in Weill/Brecht style, high key lighting, not much scenery, and a lot of theatrical imagination.’