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Meanwhile, Natty, Patty and Katty convene in the girl's bathroom and work to convince Brittany not to befriend Jessie since she simply refuses to engage with them in "Girl Talk". Jessie sits alone again at the lunch table and the Bookworms gain enough courage to talk to her a little. They want to invite Jessie to sit with them, but they are too afraid of Brittany to do it. Brittany continues her lunchroom torment of Jessie and warns her not to talk to the Bookworms, because they are weirdos and no one likes them. Jessie goes home hungry again. As Jessie makes another huge snack after school, she and Airy try to figure out what to do about Brittany and the Bookworms. Should she sit with the weird kids? Airy decides that Jessie should no longer give her lunch to Brittany. Jessie tells Airy that he has no idea what it's like to be unpopular. As Jessie makes a sandwich, she gets an idea for how to outwit Brittany. Jessie and Airy work to make a disgusting sandwich full of catfood, rotten bananas, and Habanero hot sauce in a reprise of "We are Chefs". Jessie and Airy pack up the nasty sandwich for the next day of school. When Jessie enters the lunchroom the next day, Airy secretly follows her into school and watches. The Bookworms finally ask Jessie to sit with them, but Brittany pulls Jessie away from them. Brittany makes Peter come over and talk to Jessie, thinking that she'll be embarrassed and shy. Instead, Jessie and Peter smile and sing a reprise of "Jessie" together. This makes Brittany so upset that she breaks them apart and demands Jessie's lunch. Peter is confused and Jessie suddenly sees Airy. Airy is encouraging Jessie to stand up to Brittany. So Jessie stands up and asks Brittany why she has not kept her end of their promise. Why has she not introduced Jessie to the "popular kids" and made them like her? This show of strength from Jessie makes Brittany crazy and Brittany grabs Jessie's lunch and takes a huge bite of her sandwich to prove her power. The sandwich is filled with catfood and hot sauce that makes Brittany scream for water. All the other kids back away from Brittany and she is left with her mouth agape and on fire. The Lunch Lady enters daintily wearing White Patent Leather shoes and holding a glass of water for Brittany. Jessie is watching the scene with dismay. She looks around for Airy — he is gone. The Lunch Lady gives Brittany the water and then Jessie reads the pink note from her lunch bag out loud. Jessie has written the note herself and it tells Brittany that Jessie has made her "own" lunch today. The Bookworms cheer and Brittany is admonished by the experience. The entire cast sings "The Love Note" as Peter takes Jessie's hand. We glimpse Airy keeping a watchful eye on Jessie as the lights fade to black. SCENES AND SETTINGS Time: Present Pre main action takes place in the school, classroom, lunchroom and in Jessica, kitchen at home. There is orle scene that takes place the girl's bathroom. • On the way to school • The classroom/ and Lunchroom • Jessica's kitchen • The Lunchroom • Detention .11 classroom • Jessica's kitchen • The Ghl's bathroom • The Lunchroom • Jessica's kitchen • The Lunchroom