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CAST • The Phantom After being surrounded at the Paris Opera House by an angry mob, The Phantom was aided by Madame Giry and her daughter Meg. He came to Coney Island as a freak but rose up and made Coney Island what it is today. He anonymously invites Christine to sing for him after he longs to "hear her sing once more" • Christine Daaé Now ten years on, Christine has become a world famous opera singer. Unaware that the invitation has come fromThe Phantom, she readily agrees to perform at Phantasma, hoping to make her American debut with her husband and son. • Raoul, Vicomte de Chagny Raoul is a changed man from the original. He has lost his fortune due to becoming an alcoholic and severe gambler. Raoul no longer feels the same passion for Christine as he once did and is a constantly angry man. • Madame Giry Now the antagonist of the show, she despises Christine after realizing The Phantom favors her over Meg even after everything she did to help him. After the original she saved The Phantom from an angry mob for the second time where she took him to Coney Island. • Meg Giry Has an extended role in this musical. Now a vaudeville singer, she hopes to become a great singer like Christine and expects The Phantom to do just that, although she is greatly disappointed and resentful of her old friend when Christine comes to sing. • Fleck One of the freaks of Coney Island • Squelch One of the freaks of Coney Island • Gangle One of the freaks of Coney Island • Gustave The love child of Christine and the Phantom, although the Phantom does not know this at the beginning. Raoul has raised Gustave as his own son. Gustave possesses the same musical skills as his mother and father. MUSICAL NUMBERS Act 1 1. Prologue - Madame Giry, Fleck 2. The Coney Island Waltz - The Orchestra 3. "That's The Place That You Ruined, You Fool!" - Madame Giry, Fleck 4. Heaven By The Sea - Ensemble 5. Only For Him/ Only For You - Meg Giry, Madame Giry, Ensemble 6. The Eyrie - The Orchestra 7. Til I Hear You Sing - The Phantom 8. Giry Confronts The Phantom/ 'Til I Hear You Sing (Reprise) - Meg Giry, Madame Giry, The Phantom 9. Christine Disembarks - Raoul, Gustave, Ensemble 10. Arrival Of The Trio - "Are You Ready To Begin?" - Fleck, Gangle, Squelch, Raoul, Gustave, Ensemble 11. "What A Dreadful Town!" - Christine Daaé, Raoul, Gustave 12. Look With Your Heart - Christine Daaé, Gustave 13. Beneath A Moonless Sky - Christine Daaé, The Phantom 14. Once Upon Another Time - Christine Daaé, The Phantom 15. "Mother Please, I'm Scared!" - Gustave, Christine Daaé, The Phantom 16. Dear Old Friend - Meg Giry, Madame Giry, Christine Daaé, Raoul, Gustave, Ensemble 17. Beautiful - Gustave, Fleck, Gangle, Squelch, The Phantom 18. The Beauty Underneath - The Phantom, Gustave 19. The Phantom Confronts Christine - The Phantom, Christine Daaé, Madame Giry