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himself appointed Austrian Military attaché to Peking so that he might keep an eye on Lisa. He enjoys the company of Mi. Lisa, hearing news of her family through Gustl, is becoming homesick and asks Souchong to let her visit her home, but is very much afraid of losing her and refuses permission. Added to this problem she learns, to her horror, that according to custom, Souchong is to have four wives in addition to herself. Souchong tries to assure her that it is a mere formality and that it is her he truly loves. Lisa is not to be placated, she tries to reason with him only to be told that a Chinese wife must obey her husband implicitly. Left with only Gustl to comfort her, she sings of her longing for her homeland. Souchong and Lisa quarrel and in the exchange of words Lisa says, "I hate you." Souchong's happiness is shattered, the love destroyed and he orders Lisa to be kept in the palace. Imprisoned in the women's quarters of the palace, Lisa decides to leave Souchong and plans her escape. She asks Gustl to help her. The only way out is through the Temple and they enlist the help of Mi who, although sorrowful at losing Gustl, agrees to help them get away. As they enter the Temple they come face to face with Souchong. He realises he can no longer hold Lisa. Tenderly he bids her farewell and asks Gustl to look after her. Souchong and Mi comfort one another in their loss. CAST - 7 female, 10 male Principals • Lisa - soprano • Prince Souchong - tenor • Mi (his sister) - soprano • Tschang (his uncle) - bass • Count Gustl von Pottenstein - tenor CHARACTERS - (In order of their appearance) • General Count Lichtenfels • Countess Roheim • Colonel Bloch • Captain Gustl Von Ploetz Lisa — General Lichtenfels’ Daughter • Franz — Butler • Lieutenant Rudi Von Westhof • Lore, Toni, Franzi, Valli - Lisa’s Friends • Four Young Officers • Prince Sou-Chong • Parlourmaids • Manservants • Fu-Li — Secretary of the Chinese Embassy • Prince Tschang — Prince Sou-Chong’s Uncle • Mi — Prince Sou-Chong’s Sister • Chi-Fu — Major-Domo of the Women’s Apartments • Wong-Tao — His attendant • The Four Brides • Chorus Of Guests, Officers, Chinese Servants, Slave-Girls, Mandarins, Soldiers, Pages & Dancers