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12. Scene Twelve: A metropolis, 1948: the Coopers' apartment. The radio causes a family quarrel 13. Scene Thirteen Vaudeville: The Locker Room 14. Scene Fourteen: A bedroom in the Coopers' apartment, 1948 Sam and Susan agree to divorce. I Remember It Well Is It Him or Is It Me? 15. Scene Fifteen Vaudeville: Divorce Ballet 16. Scene Sixteen: Sam's hotel room, 1948 Sam is enjoying his freedom This Is the Life 17. Scene Seventeen: The Minstrel Show Sam and Susan are unhappy apart. The Interlocutor introduces a Con Man, Madame Zuzu, Mr Cynic and Miss Ideal Man, who suggests solutions; but Sam and Susan decide to face reality. Can they repair their marriage? The Minstrel Show Mr Right Finale DISCOGRAPHY There is no commercial cast recording available