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inheritance as Aragorn, the long-lost King. Defeating the Dark Lord will win him Arwen's hand in marriage. Gollum betrays Frodo and Sam in Shelob’s lair. Galadriel casts protection spells as the army goes to war and Frodo and Sam climb Mount Doom. The Ring's destruction ushers in a new age, the Dominion of Men. After being celebrated as heroes in the City of Kings. the Hobbits return home to a drastically changed Shire. Sam is reunited with his beloved Rosie, but not all things can be healed. Magic is leaving Middle-Earth. Arwen, who is giving up her immortality to marry Aragorn, grants Frodo her place on a ship sailing west to the Blessed Realm of the Elves. There, he may find rest from his cares and wounds. Life in the Shire has come full circle, but nothing will ever be the same again. MUSICAL NUMBERS 1. Prologue ( 'lasto i lamath') - Arwen 2. The Road Goes On - Sam, Frodo, Merry Pippin; Rangers of 'the North, Wandering Elves 3. Saruman - Female Voices 4. The Cat and the Moon - Frodo, Merry, Pippin, Sam, Breelanders 5. Flight to the Ford - Forces of Mordor, Rangers of the North, Wandering Elves, Glorfindel 6. The Song of Hope - Arwen 7. Star of Eärendil - Arwen, Elves and Visitors of Rivendell 8. Lament For Moria - Gimli, Gandaif 9. The Golden Wood - Elves of Lothlórien 10. Lothlórien - Legolas, Galadriel, Elves of Lothlórien 11. The Siege of the City of Kings - Orchestral, Female Voices 12. Now and for Always - Sam, Frodo 13. Gollum/Sméagol - Gollum (Sméagol) 14. The Song of Hope (Duet) - Aragorn, Arwen 15. Wonder - Galadriel, The Army of Allies 16. The Final Battle - Forces of Mordor, Galadriel, The Army of Allies 17. Epilogue (Farewells) - Hobbits 18. Finale - The Company CAST of Characters • Bilbo • Sam • Rosie Cotton • Frodo Baggins • Gandalf • Pippin (Peregrine Took) • Merry (Meriadoc Brandybuck) • Elranien • Saruman • Barliman Butterbur • Bill Ferny/Treebeard • Strider Glorfindel • Arwen Evenstar • Elrond • Boromir Gimli • Legolas Gollum Haldir • Galadriel • Steward of the Lands of Men DISCOGRAPHY Oreiginal London Cast Recording