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LONELY HEARTS Music, lyric and book by Trisha Ward THE STORY: Lonely Hearts is a story that everyone can relate to; Phyllis and Neal reach for their new lives by placing advertisements in the personal columns to which husband and wife, Annie and Liam, respond (unknown to each other). In these fledgling liaisons we see that ties forged in years of domestic blood, sweat and tears is not easily broken - Annie cannot readily forget her husband and although she enjoys the attention of the younger man (Neal) she does not slip easily into the role of "slightly older woman". Liam does not understand why communication between his wife and himself has broken down but knows they have to have a break or "trial separation" to work things out. He decides to enjoy this new found freedom and try his wings by dating several women, which is how he meets Phyllis (when he responds to her lonely heart ad). Although he soon realises that the bachelor life is not for him, things have gone too far to stop Phyllis falling for Liam. Frieda and Tom meet through more orthodox and subtle channels of the dating agency and learn that new love in later life can bring rich rewards once the ties of the past are severed and the ghosts of yesteryear are laid to rest. PRINCIPAL CHARACTERS: Tom Frieda Liam Annie Neal Phyllis PRINCIPAL MUSICAL NUMBERS If I Look Into His Eyes (Frieda) He's My Man (Annie, Phyllis) I Wish I'd Known (Frieda) The Owner (Phyllis) The Road To Happiness (Tom) Seize the Day (Tom) Cobwebs In My Heart (Tom, Frieda) In Our Wildest Dream (Liam) Chasing the Clouds (Liam) Her Kind Of Man (Neal) I Can't Punish Love (Annie)