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The next morning at the Garter Saloon, Falstaff sits shivering and sneezing from his water torture. His ailments subside when Miss Quickly arrives with another invitation from Mrs. Ford—which Falstaff reveals to "Senor Rivera" during a second encounter with him. Encouraged by Miss Quickly, Fenton boldly returns to the Page ranch to state his intentions to MissAnne but then has to hide when her father hears yodelling. Page tells his daughter that Caius and Slender are about to duel for her hand. She confides she can't stand either one of them, but surely doesn't want anyone "gettin' themselves killed on my account." Fenton vows to prove his love and save the day. The showdown ensues and Fenton, a crackerjack marksman, shoots and "splits" Slender's and Caius's bullets, causing them to spin harmlessly off course. Suddenly, Ford rushes in with news that Falstaff is once again in pursuit of his wife, and he summons the men to form a posse and join him on the chase. Mrs. Ford and Mrs. Page barely pull off another humiliation of Falstaff under Ford's nose, who rails at his wife and storms off in a rage. Mrs. Ford is left standing alone to wonder about the man that her husband has become. The wives come clean to their husbands, exposing Falstaff 's love letters and their plots to punish him. Mrs. Ford confronts Ford for his behaviour towards her, and he seeks her forgiveness. They are reconciled, and both couples conspire together to teach Falstaff one final lesson. That night, in a clearing just above Devil's Creek, MissAnne's suitors make their final moves and Falstaff comes face to face with the husbands of Windsor. Fenton and MissAnne appear as husband and wife, and Mr Page, dazzled by Fenton's ace marksmanship, gives his blessing. As Falstaff and his men hit the trail and head west the husbands, wives and other folk of Windsor celebrate their Lone Star Love. MUSICAL NUMBERS 1. Carry Me Home - Mourners (Women of the Company) 2. Cold Cash - Falstaff, The Band & Women 3. The Ballad Of Falstaff - Colonel Johnson, Falstaff, Bardolph, Pistol & Nym 4. Cattlemen - The Men of Windsor 5. Prairie Moon - MissAnne & Fenton 6. Caius's Theme - Doctor Caius 7. Throwdown In Windsor - The Company 8. A Cowboy's Dream - Fenton & Miss Quickly 9. Hard Times - Bardolph, Pistol & Nym 10. World Of Men - Mrs. Page & Mrs. Ford 11. By Way Of Frank Ford - Mr. Ford & The Band 12. Lone Star Love - The Company 13. A Man For the Age - Falstaff 14. Count On My Love - Fenton & MissAnne 15. Code of the West - The Company 16. Quail—Bagging - The Company 17. Texas Wind - Mrs. Ford 18. Wildcat Moan - The Company 19. The Ballad Of Falstaff (Reprise) - The Company 20. Lone Star Love (Reprise) - The Company 21. Dance Finale - The Band The Cast • Colonel joseph e. Johnson • Sergeant John Falstaff • Frank Ford, a wealthy rancher • Aggie Ford, his wife • George Page, a wealthy rancher • Margaret Anne Page, his wife • MissAnne Page, their daughter • Sheriff Bob Shallow • Abraham Slender, his nephew • Doctor Caius, a French physician • Miss Quickly, in the employ of Dr. Caius • Fenton, a cowboy • Lucas, Chester & Rugby - Windsor ranch hands • Consuela, Grace & Ruby - Windsor gals • Soldiers, Mourners, Ranchers and Townsfolk The Band • Private Bardolph • Captain Pistol • Corporal Nym • Miss Libby • Host of the Garter Saloon • Sticks •