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9. Get Into Gear-”Fashion Follies of 1966” Two ‘Squares’: Roger Howit & Ted Merwood The Mods : The Dancing Girls and Boys The Dedicated Follower of Fashion: Jimmy Tarbuck 10. Boutique Technique (By Jimmy Grafton, Jeremy Lloyd & Bryan Blackburn) The Proprietor: Jimmy Tarbuck, His Designer: Nicky Henson, A Customer: Harry Secombe, Two More Customers: Sheila Bruce & Jean Hampson 11. Model Girl (Staged and Choreographed by Ross Taylor) The Top Model: Anita Harris, The Photographers: Ian Bundy, Colin Doyle, Roger Howit Ted Merwood, Andrew Morrison, Mark Moser 12. The Other Side Of The Park (By Ronald Chesney and Ronald Woolf) Thora Hird and Freddie Frinton 13. London Nights (“When the Lights go on in Piccadilly” by Ronald Hanmer and Douglas Squires)) The Theatregoers: The Shepherd Singers, ‘The Girls in Sequins’ introduce Russ Conway 14. Lime Street And Roughcast Jimmy Tarbuck 15. Bel Canto Harry Secombe 16. Springtime In Piccadilly Circus The Entire Company