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One Saturday afternoon in November, when Liza is going home from work, she is confronted with an angry Mrs Blakeston. In the ensuing fight between the two women, Mrs Blakeston first spits in Liza's face and then attacks her physically. Quickly a group of spectators gather round the two women—none of them even tries to separate the fighting women. Eventually, both Tom and Jim stop the fight, and Tom walks Liza home. Liza is now publicly stigmatized as a "wrong one", a fact she herself admits to Tom. Despite all her misbehaviour Tom still wants to marry Liza, but she tells him that "it's too lite now" because she thinks she is pregnant. Tom would even tolerate her condition if only she could decide to marry him, but she refuses again. Meanwhile, at the Blakestones', Jim beats up his wife. Again people nearby—this time those who live in the same house and who are alarmed by Polly Blakeston—choose not to interfere in other people's domestic problems. When Mrs Kemp comes home and sees her daughter's injuries all she can contribute to mitigating the situation is to offer her daughter some alcohol. In the course of the evening they both get drunk, in spite of Liza's pregnancy. During the following night, however, Liza has a miscarriage. Mr Hodges, who lives upstairs, fetches a doctor from the nearby hospital, who soon pronounces the hopelessness of Liza's condition. While her daughter is dying, Mrs Kemp has a long talk with Mrs Hodges, a midwife and sick-nurse. Liza's last visitor is Jim, but Liza is already in a coma. Mrs Kemp and Mrs Hodges have switched the subject and are talking about the funeral arrangements when Liza's death rattle can be heard and the doctor, who is still present, declares that she is dead. CAST - (in order of appearance) • Polly Avery • Mrs Dolly Hawkins • Mrs Lil Downes • Mrs Violet Hodge • Mrs Florence Adair • Tommy Pratt • Mrs Selina Kemp • Harry Adair • Mr Albert Hodge • Mr Alfred Downes • Arthur 'Gipsy' Smith • Billy Broadribb • Liza Kemp • Sally Hodge • Tilly Bastick • Dirty Bertie • Liza and Sally • Charlie Hawkins • Jim Blakeston • Kate Blakeston • Rosie Cohen • Manny Jacobs • Fingers Philips • Osric Bensoon • Barrington Brown • Nathaniel Novello • Archibald Lupino • Constance Carmichael • Maudie Metz • Dr Ashendon • Lenny Vosper Musical Numbers: 1. Husbands - Mrs Hodge, Mrs Downes, Mrs Avery, Mrs Hawkins, Mrs Webster, Mrs Adair Liza, Tom 2. Gawd Bless Yer -Mr Hodge, Mr Downes, Harry Adair, Billy Williams, Lenny Vosper 3. I've Got A Talent - Mr Hodge 4. I Come Down From Wigan - Mr Downes 5. Liza of Lambeth's Mum - Harry Adair and Company 6. Liza Ballet - Liza and Sally 7. Prince Of Wales - Mr Hodge and Alf Downes 8. Is This All - Liza 9. Watch It - Mr Hodge 10. Red Jollop - Mrs Kemp and The Women of Vere Street 11. Good Bad Time - Tom and Arthur Smith 12. Who In His Right Mind - Fingers Phillips 13. Going Down To Chingford On a Chara - The Company 14. Tricky Finish - Harry Adatr and Company