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LIVING FOR PLEASURE Musical Revue in 2 acts. Conceived and written by Arthur Macrae. Lyrics and Sketches by Arthur Macrae. Music by Richard Addinsell. Directed by William Chappell. Costumes by Peter Rice Garrick Theatre, London - 10 July, 1958. CAST: Dora Bryan; Daniel Massey; George Rose; Janie Marden; Susan Beaumont; Patience Collier; Joanna Rigby; Anthony Selby; Tim Parks; Lynda Baron; Clemence Bettany, Dany Clare; Janet Moss; Lee Vernon; Ewan Hopper; Debbie Hamilton & Terry Skelton. PROGRAMME PART I Overture 1. Living For Pleasure - Full Company 2. Jollijaunts - Dora Bryan, Joanna Rigby 3. Inanimate Objects, (a) Two Jolly Cardinals - Daniel Massey, Anthony Selby (b) Bookends - Dora Bryan, Susan Beaumont (c) A Garden Pixie - George Rose 4. Regency - Dora Bryan, Daniel Massey, Ewan Hooper, Linda Baron 5. Alone With a Love Song - Janie Marden 6. Shepherding Sheep - Daniel Massey, Patience Collier, Joanna Rigby 7. Sunday Next - Janie Marden, Tim Parks 8. Look Back in Anglia - George Rose, Patience Collier, Susan Beaumont, Terry Skelton, Linda Baron, Debbie Hamilton, 9. Break For Launch - Dora Bryan, Ewan Hooper 10. Mr, Wrong - Janie Marden, Linda Baron, Clemence Bettany, Dany Clare, Debbie Hamilton, Janet Moss, Lee Vernon 11. Inflation - George Rose, Patience Collier 12. Love of My Life - Daniel Massey, Susan Beaumont, Terry Skelton 13. Friends - Dora Bryan, Patience Collier, Linda Baron, Lee Vernon 14. Dustbin Follies - Full Company PART II 15. The Pretty Miss Brown - Dora Bryan, Susan Beaumont, Clemence Bettany, Linda Baron, Dany Clare, Debbie Hamilton, Janet Moss, Lee Vernon, Daniel Massey, Terry Skelton, Tim Parks, Anthony Selby 16. Neuroses In Bloom (a) Paris - Patience Collier (b) Harley Street, London - Susan Beaumont, Daniel Massey, George Rose, Joanna Rigby, Clemence Bettany, Linda Baron, Dany Clare, Debbie Hamilton, Janet Moss, Lee Vernon