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From the score ACT I - Scene 1 - Kitchen in the Castle of Baron von Nix. 1. Overture 2. Opening Chorus of Tradesmen, their Wives and Assistants - "We are waiting for the Baron, to treat with him while decking out his 'fairs!' ..." 3. Song - Atzel - "I'm a whimsical sort of chap, reared in luxury's ample lap. Seldom ever I give a rap for what goes on about me..." 4. Romney Music 5. Duet - Cindy and Mouser - "Hey, diddle, diddle, the cat and the fiddle, thus runneth the ancient rhyme ... Meeow, meeow, meeow! Meeow, meeow! ..." 6. Trio - Cindy, Punks and Spooks - "The man who's never been in love excites my sympathy ... Then o'er us make a fuss ... For that's the case with us ..." 7. Duet - Punks & Spooks - "A garden party we attended not so long ago; a friendly Onion's strong appeal decoyed us to the show. It was the coming out..." 8. Duo - Cindy, Baron and Chorus - "I know a day in the year can beat all other days for fun ... I think I'm on to the day that you mean, October thirty-one! ..." ACT I - Scene 2 - On the way to the Palace. 9. Witches' Ballet 10. Finale Act I - The Ride to the Castle ACT II - Ballroom in the Palace of Prince Maximilian. 11. Opening Chorus - "Oh, the bal masqué is a place they say that will addle and muddle one's senses, for it's there you'll meet the rash and discreet..." 12. Entrance of Cinderella - "A Princess quite unknown, in golden chariot but now has entered through the Palace gate; Then give to her, I pray, in voices..." 13. Duet - Punks and Spooks - "I loved a little girl; we loved no other; some day she'll be a happy bride and groom. Her parents are her father and her mother 14. Ballet Suite 15. Song - Punks and Chorus - "Bagdad is a town in Turkey. On a camel tall and jerky you can journey there and see just how great it used to be..." 16. Song - (singer not specified) - "I don't know why it is-ski, I can't explain-ovich why ev'rything that's Russian gets to me; I've got a Russian sable..." 17. Duo - Cindy and Prince - "A little girl at home I'd like to have, I would, I swear ... A little girl at home? What do you mean? ..." 18. Punch Bowl Glide 19. Finale Act II - (Drums of all Nations) - "Her name, good friends, I know not; her name I cannot say. A radiant dream she came to me..." ACT III - Scene 1 - The Baron's Kitchen. Entre'Acte 20. Harlequinade 21. Opening Chorus - "Baron von Nix, Baron von Nix, soon with the suite of the Prince you can mix; Beat of the Drum tells us they come..." ACT III - Scene 2 - Throne room of the Prince's Palace. 22. Chorus of Girls - "This is not in any way a next-to-nature exposé, nor should you class it as a picture show. Rather, let us here confess..."