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up to her long-unattended attic where Marmee finds her and passionately tells her that Beth's memory must be honoured Alone. Jo gradually recalls earlier times that she and her sisters had in this very attic which leads her to discover her true calling, writing the story of her own life with her sisters, 'Little Women'. On the day of Amy and Laurie's wedding, Professor Bhaer arrives in Concord with the manuscript of the novel that Jo has sent him. After struggling with his feelings, he professes his love and proposes marriage. And though Jo admits she will never be an obedient wife. this is a very good match. He then surprises her with the news that Henry Dashwood of The Weekly Volcano Press has agreed to publish her novel of Little Women. The lovers kiss passionately, and Jo, before joining her newly extended family. declares her deep contentment, thus joyfully acknowledging her journey from a young girl to womanhood. – By Allan Knee. Bookwriter. "Little Women–The Musical" MUSICAL NUMBERS: 1. Overture - Orchestra 2. An Operatic Tragedy -Jo, Braxton, Clarissa, Rodrigo 3. Better – Jo 4. Our Finest Dreams – Jo, Meg, Beth, Amy 5. Here Alone – Marmee 6. Could You? – Aunt March, Jo 7. I'd Be Delighted – Marmee, Meg, Jo, Beth 8. Take A Chance On Me – Laurie, Jo 9. Off to Massachusetts – Beth, Mr. Laurence 10. Five Forever – Jo, Laurie, Meg, Beth, Amy 11. More Than I Am – Mr. Brooke, Meg 12. Astonishing – Jo 13. The Weekly Volcano Press – Full Cast 14. How I Am – Professor Bhaer 15. Some Things Are Meant To Be – Beth, Jo 16. The Most Amazing Thing – Amy, Laurie 17. Days of Plenty – Marmee 18. The Fire Within Me – Jo 19. Small Umbrella In The Rain – Jo and Professor Bhaer 20. Sometimes When You Dream – Jo CAST • Professor Bhaer • Jo • Amy • Meg • Beth • Marmee • Mr. Laurence • Laurie • Aunt March • Mr. Brooke • Mrs Kirk Operatic Tragedy Players • Clarissa • Braxton • Rodrigo • The Hag • The Troll • The Knight • Rodrigo II