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The story returns to the 1920s. Charlie's career and personal life are at a low point. His mother just died, and he just underwent two bitter divorces. He is overworked, reporters are on to him and to make things worse, talking pictures are threatening his artistic survival. Nonetheless his success continued, and Charlie revisits England to attend a Royal Premiere of City Lights. He wanders through his old neighbourhood and is stunned that injustice and poverty still exists. In an effort to improve such degenerate conditions, he decides to speak out on behalf of the Russian War Relief. He contends that it's no concern whether or not these people are Communist, they're being slaughtered by the Nazis. After one of his speeches, FBI agent Tippy Gray takes notes and reports his finding to Bureau Chief J. Edgar Hoover. A paternity suit is filed against Chaplin, giving Hoover ammunition he needed. Although a blood test disproves the allegation, the press crucifies him. His fans turn on him and his films are boycotted. Charlie is dejected. He is convinced that it is just a matter of time before his new wife Oona leaves him too. However. Oona assures him that she won't. The Chaplins decided to cruise Europe, but aboard the ship, Charlie receives a cable from Washington stating that in order to re-enter the U.S., he must answer to political and moral charges. Crestfallen, Charlie decided to spend the next 20 years living in Veney, Switzerland. Back to 1971, Charlie is escorted to the stage while deeply regarding what he will tell his audience. PRINCIPAL CHARACTERS (plus chorus) Charlie Chaplin Charlie Chaplin (age 9) Sydney Chaplin Sydney Chaplin (age 9) Hannah Chaplin Oona Chaplin Mack Sennett Tippy Grey MUSICAL NUMBERS 1. In America Again (Charlie) 2. Something No-one Can Ever Take Away (Hannah, Charlie 9, Sydney 9) 3. Caviar and Cake (Charlie aged 9) 4. When The World Stops Turning 5. Number One (Charlie aged 9) 6. 'Less It Ends With A Chase 7. The Tramp/He's Got To Be Someone 8. Chaplin Films (Company) 9. Thank You 10. Heaven (Charlie, Sydney) 11. . He's Got To Be Someone (Reprise) 12. Too Many Words (Charlie) 13. I Got Me A Red (Tippy) 14. There's Got To Be A Law 15. This Is What I Dreamed (Oona) DISCOGRAPHY Cast Recording featuring Mel Brooks, Petula Clark, et al