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THE LADY OF THE SLIPPER or A Modern Cinderella A Musical Fantasy in 3 Acts, 5 Scenes. Book by Anne Caldwell and Lawrence McCarty. Music by Victor Herbert. Lyrics by James O'Dea. Globe Theatre, New York - Opened 28 October, 1912; closed 17 May 1913 (232 perfs.) CAST • The Crown Prince Maximilian • Prince Ulrich, his brother • Captain Ladislaw, aide-de-camp to Maximilian • Baron von Nix, Cinderella's father • Atzel, the Baron's butler • Mouser, the Baron's cat • Albrecht, a shoemaker • Louis, his assistant • Joseph, a milliner • Matthias, a furrier • Punks, Spooks, from the Cornfield • Cinderella • Romneya • Dollbabia, Freakette, Cinderella's step-sisters • The Fairy Godmothe • Valerie, maid at the Baron's • Sophia, Albrecht's wife • Irma, Joseph's wife • Clara, Louis' wife • Ludovica, Matthias' wife • Maida • Gretchen • Premiere danseuse • Courtiers, soldiers, ladies in waiting, Oriental women of the harem, etc: • Dancing Girls • Corps de Ballet • Halloween Kiddies MUSICAL NUMBERS (from the programme) 1. (Opening) Chorus - Tradesmen, their wives and Assistants 2. Fond of the Ladies - Atzel, Sophia, Irma, Clara, Ludovica, Maida, Gretchen, Chorus 3. Meow! Meow! Meow! - Cinderella, Mouser 4. Love Me Like a Real, Real Man - Cinderella, Punks, Spooks 5. All Hallowe'en - Cinderella, Kiddies 6. Witch Ballet - Dancing Girls 7. At the Bal Masque, introducing the French Quadrille - Dancing Girls 8. Princess of Far Away - Cinderella, Maximilian, Chorus 9. Them Was the Childhood Days - Punks, Spooks 10. Youth (Ballet) - Premiere danseuse, Corps de Ballet 11. Bagdad (Lyrics by Anne Caldwell.) - Punks, Chorus 12. (A) Little Girl at Home - Maximilian, Cinderella 13. Punch Bowl Glide - Spooks 14. The Drums of the Nations - Presenting the drums of the Crown Prince, the Drums of Leipzic, of Napoleon, of Britain, of North America, of Young America and of Dixie. 15. Harlequinade 16. Harlequinade: Punks, Spooks. Harlequin: Maida. Columbine: Clara. Cat: Mouser. Policemen 17. The Lady of the Slipper (March) - Captain Ladislaw, Chorus 18. Cinderella's Dream - Cinderella 19. Put Your Best Foot Forward, Little Girl - Maximilian, Court Ladies, Pages 20. Finale (And They Lived Happily Ever Afterwards)