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7. Home by Christmas - Captain Crewe 8. Isn't That Always the Way- Captain Crewe 9. Lucky- Miss Minchin 10. If the Tables Were Turned- Becky, Sara, Ermengarde, Lottie 11. Timbuktu Delirium- Chorus 12. Soldier On- Sara 13. Be a Princess- Sara, Lavinia, Ermengarde, Lottie and other school girls Act 2 14. Another World-Sara 15. Almost Christmas-Sara, School girls and Chorus 16. Captain Crewe- Pasko 17. Once Upon A Time- Miss Amelia 18. Broken Old Doll- Becky 19. Timbuktu- Becky, Sara, and Chorus 20. Soon- Pasko, Sara, Becky, and Miss Minchin 21. Gossip- Ermengarde, Lottie, Lavinia, Becky and other school girls 22. "Compass" Reprise- Chorus, School Girls 23. Finale- Full Company DISCOGRAPHY A Little Princess - Cast Recording A Little Princess: Vocal Selections