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14. The Weather Factory Girls' Chorus - "Here in the office of the Guard of Dawn, we work away together." 15. Duet - Flip and Barometer Girl - "A little bantam hen in a barnyard dwelt, and a little white hen was she." 16. Chorus - Sunbeams, Snowflakes, Rain Drops - "Life depends upon the weather on rainy day." 17. May Day March - "Blow upon the bugle! Sound upon the drum! For in gay procession marching on we come." 18. The Cannibal Island - After Storm 19. Song - - "Out in the dismal swampland, far in the everglades." 20. The Cannibal Barbecue - - "If you don't know what to do tonight, I'll tell you what to do." 21. Trio - Missionary, Betty and Dancing Bear - "I've got a Teddy Bear 'most life size." 22. Song - Dr. Pill - "I'm a fortunate physician, I get cases ev'ry day." 23. Song - Little Nemo - "One day my mother gave a dinner. My! but that was grand." 24. Nemo's Dream of Fourth July 25. March Song - Captain Grouch - "O'er the land from shore to shore, there's a racket and a roar." 26. Finale Act II - "Hear the chime of the Liberty Bell, a message to the free." Act III 27. Song - Valentine Fairy and Chorus - "Sailor! Sailor! whither are you going,lad? Why is it you're sailing." 28. Ensemble - "Do you believe in dreams, dear? For if you do I'll tell about a land, a distant strand." 29. Finale Act III - "Won't you be my Valentine? Sweetheart, maid divine." CAST • Dr. Pill • Flip • Dancing Missionary • Little Nemo • King Morpheus of Slumberland; also Cannibal King . • Captain Grouch, a gentlemen pirate • Gladys, a cat, and other animals . • Blackbeard, a pirate • Red Rover, Pirate; also Algie, a nervous Patient, • Demon Dan, Pirate; also Mr. Foote, a gouty Patient, . • Officer of the guard . • Candy kid . • The Little Princess . • The Valentine Fairy; also Captain of Battleship, • Weather Vane • Mrs. Nemo • Sally; also Maggie, a hysterical Patient • Tilly . • Betty SCENES AND SETTINGS Act I. • Scene 1. Slumberland. Playroom of the Little Princess. • Scene 2. Children's Playground in a Park. • Scene 3. Nemds Bed Room. • Scene 4. The Land of the Fairies of St. Valentine. Act II. • Scene 1. Office of Weather Factory. • Scene 2. The Table D'Hote Islands. • Scene 3.- Amusement Park. • Scene 4. Little Nemo's Bed Room. • Scene 5. Palace of Patriotims in Slumberland. Act III. • Scene 1. The Deck of a Pirate Ship. • Scene 2. The Deck of a Battleship. • Scene 3. Slumberland.