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21. The Mice Will Play (Music and Lyrics by Augustus Barratt.) - Madame Michu, Chorus 22. Sextet 23. Finale SCENES AND SETTINGS • Act I - The Playground of Mlle. Herpin's School in Paris - circa 1810 • Act II - Salon at General Des Ifs • Act III - Michu's Shop, Les Halles CAST • General des Ifs • Gaston Rigaud, Captain of the Hussars (baritone) • Pierre Michu, a provision merchant (tenor) • Aristide Vert, his assistant (baritone) • Bagnolet, soldier servant to General Des Ifs (tenor) • Madame Du Tertre • Madame Rousselin • Mlle Herpin, school mistress • Madame Michu, Michu's wife (contralto) • Marie-Blanche, Blanche-Marie (The Little Michus) (sopranos) • Six schoolgirls DISCOGRAPHY Les P’tites Michu (Messager) Orchestre National des Pays de la Loire, Chœur d’Angers Nantes Opéra and Pierre Dumoussaud