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LITTLE ME A Musical Comedy in 2 Acts, 35 Scenes: Book by Neil Simon Lyrics by Carolyn Leigh. Music by Cy Coleman: Based on the novel by Patrick Dennis Musical numbers and dances staged by Bob Fosse: Directed by Cy Feuer and Bob Fosse: Produced for the Broadway Stage by Feuer and Martin Lunt-Fontaine Theatre, Broadway 17 November, 1962 (257 perfs) Cambridge Theatre, London 18 November, 1964 (334 perfs) SYNOPSIS This is an outrageously funny musical. It tells the story of the rise to fame, and excessively large fortune, of Belle Poitrine, a little girl from the wrong side of the tracks who finds her way to the right side with the help of several willing gentlemen. The book and lyrics of Little Me are extremely witty, and the show is an easy one to stage. Drama groups looking for something different my find that Little Me exactly fits the bill. STORY Little Me is the autobiography of the optimistic, yet spectacularly accident-prone, Hollywood star Belle Poitrine (née Schlumfert), who rises from poverty on the wrong side of the track to wealth, culture and a position in society. She was born in Venezuela, Illinois and lives with her highly dubious Momma! In her teens, Belle set her sights on Noble Eggleston, who lives on the right side of the tracks but whose mother puts an abrupt end to their ambitions. Biding her time, Belle succeeds in landing a rich, 80-year old, skinflint, Mr Pinchley. When he dies under suspicious circumstances, (in a close embrace the gun that he kept in his pocket went off accidentally killing him). Belle is arrested and put on trial for murder. She is acquitted, however, but the notoriety of the trial brings her a vaudeville offer and romance with Val du Val who modestly considers himself to be the world's greatest entertainer. Further romances develop for Belle along the way including the myopic Fred Poitrine, Prince Cherney of Rozenzweig and the imperious film director, Otto Schnitzler. Each romance, in some unexpected way, advances both Belle's career and her fortune. Each romance however, ended in bizarre circumstances - nothing simple for our Belle! Fred Poitrine dies as a result of lodging his finger in a typewriter, Val du Val is drowned when the ship on which he and Belle were returning to America sank. By suing the steamship company, Belle became very rich and Hollywood claimed her. Otto spears himself on a stage dagger that wasn't! Prince Cherney suffers a hearts attack after losing everything gambling in the casino in Monte Carlo where he had staked everything on a number that Belle had chosen. Belle nurses him and in gratitude, Prince Cherney makes her the Countess Zoftig. At last Belle has social class. Finally, after much misunderstanding and partner changing, Belle walks off into the sunset with her reformed alcoholic Noble Eggleston. CAST - Male - 15 (6 can be doubled) : Female - 4 (Plus various minor roles and Chorus) Principal Characters: Miss Poitrine - Mother of ..... Belle - our heroine Lady Eggleston - Mother of .... Noble Eggleston - Our hero Mr Pinchley - A well-known miser Val du Val - an entertainer Fred Poitrine - A First World War private Otto Schnitzler - an admirer of Belle Prince Cherney - another admirer George Musgrove - a friend