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Singing Principals • Little Mary Sunshine. • Mme Ernestine von Leibedich: operatic contralto; retired. • Nancy Winkle: Mary's maid. • Captain 'Big' Jim Warrington of the Forest Rangers. • Cpl Billy Jester. • General Oscar Fairfax: a roué retired. Straight Roles • Fleet Foot: a decaying Indian guide. • Yellow Feather: heap bad Indian. • Chief Brown Bear: heap good Indian. SCENES AND SETTINGS Act I Scene 1: Outside the Colorado Inn. Scene 2: The garden (front drop). Scene 3: Behind the Inn. Scene 4: Primrose Path (travellers) Act II Scene 1: Outside the Inn. Scene 2: Point Look-Out (front drop). Scene 3: A tepee (in front of the travellers). Scene 4: The girls' bedroom in the Inn (inset). Scene 5: Primrose Path. Scene 6: The Indian Burial Ground Orchestration 1st and 2nd Violins, Viola, Cello, Double Bass, Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoon, 2 Horns, 2 Trumpets, Trombone, Drums Also available on hire: special two-piano arrangement, as originally used in the first off-Broadway production DISCOGRAPHY: Original Broadway Cast - Broadway Angel ZDM-764774-2 Original London Cast - DRG 13108 Little Mary Sunshine - Off-Broadway Cast Recording