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shifts to Mme. Ernestine when he meets her and learns they have something in common: in their youth, both spent happy days in Vienna. Mary goes to her garden. Yellow Feather sneaks in, finds her there, ties her to a tree, and threatens to debase her. Jim returns just in time and wrests a knife from the villain. The Rangers, who have surrounded the Inn, capture Yellow Feather as he tries to escape. The rest of the cast then emerges. Fairfax has good news: the courts have upheld Brown Bear's claim to the disputed land, a mere one-fourth of Colorado. The chief gives Mary the Inn's land and dedicates the rest for a national park, a place the Rangers can call home. In the finale, a miraculously reformed Yellow Feather reappears, waving a large American flag. Jim and Mary, Billy and Nancy, Oscar and Ernestine, and several Ranger-Eastchester couples seem headed for the altar. MUSICAL NUMBERS: (with scenes and setting) ACT I Scene 1 - THE COLORADO INN • The Forest Ranger - Capt. Jim, Billy & Forest Rangers • Little Mary Sunshine - Little Mary and the Forest Rangers • Look for a Sky of Blue - Little Mary and the Forest Rangers Scene 2 - THE GARDEN • You’re the Fairest Flower Scene 3 - BEHIND THE INN • Playing Croquest - Young Ladies • Swinging - Young Ladies • How Do You Do? - Forest Rangers and Young Ladies • Tell a Handsome Stranger - Sextette (Pet & Cora, Tom & Henrietta, Buster & Gwendoly) Scene 4 - THE COLORADO INN • Once in a Blue Moon - Billy and Nancy • Colorado Love Call - Little Mary & Captain Jin • Every Little NOthing - Mme. Ernestine & Little Mary • Final;e Act I - What Has Happened? - Tutti ACT II Scene 1 - THE INN • Such a Merry Party - Nancy, Forest Rangers & Young Ladies • Say “Uncle” - Oscar & Young Ladies Scene 2 - THE GATE • Reprise: The Forest Rangers - Forest Rangers Scene 3 - CHIEF BROWN BEAR’S TEEPEE • Me, a Heap Big Injun - Billy Scene 4 - CORA’S BEDROOM • Naughty, Naughty Nancy - Little Mary & Young Ladies • Mata Hari - Nancy & Young Ladies Scene 5 - THE PRIMROSE PATH • Do You Every Dream of Vienna? - Mme. Ernestine & Oscar