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LITTLE FISH Music and Lyrics by Michael John LaChiusa | Suggested by short stories by Deborah Eisenberg Second Stage Theatre off-Broadway, New York City - February 13 - March 9, 2003. The Blank Theatre, Hollywood, California - October 9 - November 18, 2007 Finborough Theatre, London - October 27 - November 21, 2009. SYNOPSIS When Charlotte decides to give up smoking, she doesn't realise quite how difficult it will be. As she attempts to fill her nicotine-starved days, the events of a troubled past slowly begin to resurface: an abusive ex-boyfriend, a new life in New York, a bizarre roommate and a boss who is a little too hands on. As her emotional debris accumulates, we see Charlotte's vivid memories juxtaposed against her present day life. But even with her friends trying to help, can this Little Fish learn to survive in a pond as big as New York City? MUSICAL NUMBERS 1. Days - Charlotte, Kathy, Marco, Ensemble 2. Robert - Charlotte 3. It's A Sign - Cinder 4. The Pool - Charlotte,Comatose Girl, Ensemble 5. Winter Is Here - Charlotte 6. Short Story - Robert 7. Perfect - Kathy, Charlotte, Cinder 8. John Paul - Charlotte, Kathy 9. He - John Paul, Charlotte, Robert, Ensemble 10. Cigarette Dream - Charlotte, Young Girl 11. Flotsam - Young Girl 12. I Ran - Marco 13. The Ninety-Year-Old Man - Charlotte 14. By The Way - Mr Bunder, Charlotte 15. Remember Me - Kathy 16. Anne - Young Girl, Marco 17. Little Fish - Marco 18. Poor Charlotte - Cinder 19. The Track - Charlotte, Exec, Ensemble 20. Flotsam (Reprise) - Charlotte 21. Simple Creature - Charlotte 22. Revelations - Charlotte, Marco, Kathy 23. In Two's And Three's - Charlotte, Ensemble CAST - Principals: 4 Men, 5 Women Featured: 10 characters, all of the named characters should double as ensemble members with the exception of Charlotte, Kathy and Marco. • Charlotte, early thirties • Kathy, early thirties • Marco, early thirties • Robert, forties • Cinder, twenties • John Paul, twenties • Mr. Bunder, fifties • Young Girl, teenage SCENES AND SETTINGS LITTLE FISH takes place in New York City, over the course of the present year, with flashbacks to ten years previous. Various locales include Charlotte’s apartments, subway, Cinder’s apartment and Dress shop in Chelsea, the YWCA, a Latin disco, a movie theatre, an art gallery, a trainer store. DISCOGRAPHY Little Fish by Michael John Lachiusa