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youngest, tip-toes on the table and peeps over the screen. She recognises her papa, and now it is their turn to be shocked. "He never let us know one word of it says Dorothy. "It's a sensation!" says Isabel. "A revelation!" says Rosa. "There would be fun if people heard of it says Agnes. After which Algy discreetly takes the girls out of the room. Matters are not made smoother either by the arrival at the hotel of the Rajah of Talcutta, a sort of universal lover, at present running after Molly, or by a gallant river-plunge by Algy, the amateur stage manager, who has a mania for rescuing persons whether they desire it or not! On this occasion Algy mistakes a professional swimmer (swimming for a wager) for a drowning man, and having dragged him from the water, is thanked by the Mayor, who in turn mistakes Algy for the Earl. This incident partly helps to smooth over his lordship's difficulties after the family have returned home, but it is Miss Molly Montrose who really clears the air. As you know, she has more than made him regret his scathing criticism of her play, and by way of compensation he has fallen in love with her. So she determines to complete the cure by accepting his offer of marriage. (Taken from Plays Pictorial) MUSICAL NUMBERS 1. Opening Chorus - "We're rehearsing, we're rehearsing, working very, very hard! ..." 2. Classical Chorus - Agnes, Rosa, Dorothy, Capt. Hereward, & Sir George - "We are little ladies of mythology..." 3. Quartet - Ladies Isobel, Rosa, Agnes & Dorothy, with Chorus - "Altho' we're an earl's four frivolous girls..." 4. Song - Shingle - "Altho' I serve a lord, a regular tip-topper, yet I know he must be bored by having to be proper! ..." 5. Octet & Solo - Molly - "Oh, it's jolly when the gods go wrong, we're worse than mortal man can! ..." 6. Song - Duke & Chorus - "I love to roam away from home, a restless rover I've always been..." 7. Finale Act I - Quartet & Chorus - "Off to Dunbridge 'on your own', all to see a play there..." 8. Opening Chorus - "In the town of Dunbridge Baths, famed for its wonderful well..." 9. Duet - Mrs. Briggs & Duke, with Chorus - "Your Autocratic Highness, if that's the term in use..." 10. Duet - Letty & Ethelbert - "If I was the Honorable Miss Fitz-Jones ... And I was her friend Lord Arty..." 11. Song - Lady Isobel - "Girls have a rotten time! There's not the slightest doubt of it! ..." 12. Song - Duke - "Oh! the girl that you take out to luncheon may be a saint or a dear little sinner..." 13. Quartet - Ladies Isobel, Rosa, Dorothy & Agnes - "Oh! what an unexpected sight..." 14. Song - Molly & Chorus - "Auntie sent me marketing on a morning in the spring; birds were twittering, tra la la!..." 15. Song - Alderman & Chorus - "Although I started bus'ness in a small provision line, Canadian Cheddar cheese..." 16. Duet - Molly & Duke - "Won't you take a pearl to make an ear-ring, or perhaps to deck your pretty neck? 17. Finale Act II - "Seize on the wretch breaking the peace! Somebody fetch in the police! ..." 18. Opening Chorus - "It's our latest universal grand rehearsal all in dress..." 19. Song - Shingle & Chorus - "I never was crusty or surly in all of my service before..." 20. Song - Lady Dorothy - "Young Cupid had dropp'd his arrows, and bought a pretty little gun..." 21. Song - Molly - "Life is a play, done in a day, comic for laughter, tragic for tears..." 22. Song - Molly - "When Molly marries Polly, she'll leave off song and dance..." 23. Finale Act III - "His wife will be My Lady!..." Addendum. Extra Song - Duke & Chorus - "A host of friends has Charlie Brown with whom his time he spends..."