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Dancers: John Aristides, Barbara Beck, Johanna Carothers, Lois Castle, Charles Corbett, Kenneth Creel, Randy Doney, Judy Dunford, Larry Fuller, Mickey Gmunersen, Pamela Hayford, Jim Hutchison, Lisa James, Rene Jarmon, Richard byle, George Martin, Roger Puckett, Suanne Shirley. Singers: Martin Ambrose, Charise Amidon, Charles Dunn, Eddie Ericksen, Nancy Foster, Margaret Gathright, Maggie Goz, George Harwell, John Lankston, Joseph McGrath, Lispet Nelson, Mary Netturn, Larry Shadur, Susan Terry, Alfred Toigo, Gloria Warner, John Wheeler. MUSICAL NUMBERS • Penny Plain, Twopence Coloured - Christie • Man and Shadow - Edmund Kean • Mayfair Affair - Countess Elena, Lady Amy Goswell, Dancing and Singing Ensemble • Sweet Danger - Countess Elena, Edmund Kean • Queue at Drury Lane - Barnaby, Ben, Francis, Ensemble • King of London - Barnaby, Ben, Francis, Ensemble • To Look Upon My Love - Edmund Kean, Solomon • Let's Improvise - Edmund Kean, Anna Danby • Elena - Edmund Kean, Francis, Ensemble • Social Whirl - Countess Elena, Lady Amy Goswell, Prince of Wales, Count de Koeberg • The Fog and the Grog - Barnaby, Ben, Francis, Edmund Kean, Ensemble • Finale (Act 1) - Edmund Kean, Ensemble • Civilized People - Edmund Kean, Anna Danby, Countess Elena • Service for Service - Countess Elena, Edmund Kean • Willow, Willow, Willow - Anna Danby • Fracas at Old Drury - Barnaby, Ben, Francis, Christie, Ensemble • Chime In! - Christie, Barnaby, Ben, Francis, Ensemble • Swept Away - Countess Elena, Edmund Kean • Domesticity - Anna Danby, Edmund Kean • Clown of London - Ensemble • Apology? - Edmund Kean SCENES AND SETTINGS The action takes place in London in the early nineteenth century. Prologue: Drury Lane Theatre. The Stage. Act 1 Scene 1: The Danish Embassy. A Ballroom. Scene 2: The Street. Drury Lane. Scene 3: Drury Lane Theatre. Kean's Dressing Room. Scene 4: The Danish Embassy. A private room. And Carlton House. A private room. Scene 5: A Street in front of a Thames-side tavern. Scene 6: The Green Frog, a tavern. Act 2 Scene 1: Drury Lane Theatre. Kean's dressing room. Scene 2: Drury Lane Theatre. The stage boxes. Scene 3: The Street. Drury Lane. Scene 4: Kean's House. A drawing room. Scene 5: The Street. Drury Lane. Scene 6: Drury Lane Theatre. The Stage. DISCOGRAPHY Kean - Original Cast Recording