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CAST • CHRISTIE - A 16-year-old street-vendor and acrobat; a Mountebank. ( Soprano: E flat - High A flat) • EDMUND KEAN - The most famous Shakespearean actor of the 18th Century, whose last words were, "Dying is easy. Comedy is hard." Late 30's - early 40's (Baritone: Low A flat - High F) • BARNABY - An actor, member of the Drury Lane Company, friend of Ben and Francis. • STAGE MANAGER - For the Drury Lane Theatre • BEN - A heavy-set actor, member of the Drury Lane, friend of Barnaby and Francis. • FRANCIS - An actor, member of the Drury Lane, friend of Ben and Barnaby. (Tenor: F - High A) • SOLOMON - Kean's factotum; his aide. (Baritone: B flat - E flat) • LORD NEVILLE - A nobleman and fiancé of Anna Danby. (Bass: Low G - Middle C) • COUNTESS ELENA DE KOEBERG - Wife of Count de Koeberg, Kean's paramour (Mezzo-Soprano: B - High G sharp) • LADY AMY GOSWELL - Friend of the Countess (Alto: B - D) • COUNT DE KOEBERG - The Danish Ambassador, husband of Elena de Koeberg. • MAJOR-DOMO - Head servant of the Embassy • PRINCE OF WALES - The Regent of England and the future King • ANNA DANBY - A rich and beautiful young woman. She is engaged to Lord Neville, but wishes to pursue a career as an actress under Kean's tutelage. (Soprano: B - High B flat) • PROP-BOY • STREET GIRL • HENCHMAN - In league with Lord Neville to discredit Anna Danby • PETER POTT - The proprietor of The Green Frog, a disreputable tavern on the banks of the Thames. • WINIFRED WATLINGTON SPARROW - A Prostitute • CAROLINE ROSA ST. ALBANDS - A Prostitute • ANASTASIA BOLT - A Prostitute • TIM - An acrobat • PIP - An acrobat • DAVID - An acrobat • PATRICK - An acrobat • LORD DELMORE - A fop (Baritone: B - E) • TWO GUARDSMEN OTHERS Lords, Ladies, Actors, Stagehands, Sailors, Boxers, Musicians, Barmaids, Prostitutes, Street Hawkers, Servants and Citizens of London. ORIGINAL CAST (in order of appearance): • Christie: Alfred DeSio. • Barnaby: Christopher Hewett. • Edmund Kean: ALFRED DRAKE. • Stage Manager: Alfred Toigo. • Ben: ROBERT PENN. • Francis: Arthur Rubin. • Solomon: TRUMAN SMITH. • Lord Neville: RODERICK COOK. • Countess Elena De Koeberg: JOAN WELDON. • Lady Amy Goswell: PATRICIA CUTTS. • Count De Koeberg: PATRICK WADDINGTON. • Lord Delmore: John Lankston. • Major-Domo: Martin Ambrose. • Prince of Wales: OLIVER GRAY. • Anna Danby: LEE VENORA. • Prop Boy: Eddie Ericksen. • Secretary: Joseph McGrath. • Maxwell: Larry Shadur. • Henchman: Martin Ambrose. • Pott: George Harwell. • St. Albands: Rene Jarmon. • Sparrow: Margaret Gathright. • Bolt: Gloria Warner. • Tim: Randy Doney. • David: John Jordan. • Pip: Paul Jordan. • Patrick: Charles Dunn. • Guards: Larry Shadur, John Wheeler.