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KNIGHTS OF MADNESS Musical Revue in 2 acts. Original music and lyrics by Ross Parker. Cast: Jimmy Nervo; Teddy Knox; Bud Flanagan; Charlie Naughton; Jimmy Gold; Grace Draper; The Dassie Brothers; Pat Hill and Lena Delma; Peter Glaze; Jan Mazuras; Linda Lee; Gillian Roma; Hazel Johns; Olgalita Mayne; Olga Fleming; Kay Henderson; Anne David and Olga Roberts Victoria Palace, London - 16 March, 1950 Programme Items "Hey Neighbour" - Bud Flanagan "The Wedding Breakfast" - The Crazy Gang "Knights of Madness" - Grace Draper & Company "Chiquita's Wedding" - Chorus "Alhambra Souvenir" - Fianle Act 1 "Two Hearts and a Valentine" - featuring Londa Lee