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rebelliously before the irascible Stuyvesant (To War!). The Council then gets a short, sharp lesson in economics, Stuyvesant-style, which depresses them (Our Ancient Liberties). The wedding starts but is interrupted by Brom and his friend Tenpin, escaped from the jail which drunken Indians have burned down. The Council is too frightened to fight, but Stuyvesant and Brom defeat the Indians, though it seems Tenpin has been killed. In the rejoicing, Brom (and the swiftly-recovered Tenpin) denounce Stuyvesant for having sold the firearms and liquor to the Indians and Brom accuses him, not only of corruption, but of undue efficiency! Stuyvesant has had enough - he orders the rope for Brom and instructs the Council to pull it. Led by Roosevelt, they summon up courage and refuse, whereupon Stuyvesant threatens to turn the cannon on them. The day is saved by Washington living, intervening across the centuries to remind Stuyvesant how important a good historical reputation is, and all ends happily when old Silverleg admits he can't take orders either! CHARACTERS - (Cast: 12 men, 2 women, chorus ) • Washington Irving - The benevolent guiding spirit of the show, a historian who can communicate and impart his good-humoured wisdom in both historical directions. (Baritone) • Tienhoven - Maybe the fattest, certainly the most corrupt and over- lifesize of the Council of New Amsterdam. (Baritone) • Roosevelt - Marked out from his fellow Councillors by a conscience that makes him ask awkward questions and finally refuse to pull the rope that is to hang Brom Broeck. (Bass) • Van Cortlandt, Jnr. - The willing 'runner' for the Council. (Speaking role) • Anthony Corlear - The town-crier - with nothing much to cry about! (Speaking role) • De Peyster; Van Rensselaer; Vanderbilt; De Vries - The other Councillors - members of Washington Irving's "gathering of Pantalunatics". (Speaking roles) • Marshal Schermerhorn - A jailer as incompetent as his masters are corrupt and bumbling. (Speaking role) • Mistress Schermerhorn - His wife; an ineffectual guardian of the town's morals. (Speaking role) • Tina Tienhoven - A sweet eager girl who finally learns how to rebel against her father. (Soprano) • Brom Broeck - The young lover who so hates taking orders and being brow-beaten that Washington Irving agrees he is "the first American" - but it would have cost him his life in Scene One were he not so quick-witted! (Baritone) • Tenpin - Brom's friend and comrade in adversity. (Tenor) • Pieter Stuyvesant - Tyrannical, corrupt, yet somehow an endearing and vulnerable figure, conscious that "the days grow short when you reach September". (Character baritone) • General Podffenburgh - Typical officious aide-de-camp. (Baritone) MUSICAL NUMBERS ACT 1 1. Introduction - Washington Irving 2. Clackety-Clack - Washington Irving, Girls 3. It's a Law - Tienhoven, Council (Replaced during original run by: "Hush-Hush" - Roosevelt, Ensemble) 4. There's Nowhere to Go But Up - Brom Broeck, Tenpin, Ensemble 5. It Never Was You - Brom Broeck, Tina Tienhoven 6. How Can You Tell an American? Brom Broeck, Washington Irving 7. Will You Remember Me? - Brom Broeck, Tina Tienhoven, Ensemble 8. One Touch of Alchemy - Pieter Stuyvesant, Ensemble 9. The One Indispensable Man - Pieter Stuyvesant, Tienhoven 10. Young People Think About Love - Tina Tienhoven, Brom Broeck, Ensemble 11. September Song - Pieter Stuyvesant 12. Finale - Pieter Stuyvesant, Ensemble