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The Warden increases the pressure on Molina to betray Valentin by telling Molina that his mother is ill. Valentin begs Molina to recount a movie story because it will help take his mind off the pain. Molina tells the story of Amazon Love, set in a South American jungle. Molina's telling of the story carries Valentin further into the fantasy world to save both of them from the stark, deadly reality of the prison. Molina continues to entertain Valentin by telling of a film in which Aurora sacrifices herself for her lover. Valentin say he has a movie of his own, which does not have a part for Aurora, no singing, no dancing .... just the truth. Molina becomes increasingly torn between his love for Valentin and his worries about his mother's health. He also remains unwilling to get politically involved. The Warden summons Molina and tells him his mother's health is worsening. He allows Molina to speak to her on the telephone. By so doing, Molina agrees to get the names of of Valentin's comrades for the Warden. Back in the cell, Molina tells Valentin he is being released in the morning. Valentin asks him if he could make a few vital telephone calls for him. Molina refuses, despite his longing for Valentin and desire to please him. The Spider Woman appears, knowing this web of intrigue, fate and betrayal that will soon bring Molina to her. In order to manipulate him Valentin seduces Molina so that he will do his political bidding. As the two men are entangled further into her web, the Spider Woman reappears. The next morning, Valentin again asks Molina to deliver a message. Molina refuses to get involved because he is too weak to carry out the assignment. Valentin kisses him and thus emboldened, Molina finally agrees to deliver Valentin's message. As Molina leaves the prison, the Warden asks him one last time for the names. Molina writes several down and leaves. The Warden knows the names are false and orders guards to follow him. On the streets, Molina realises he is a stranger to the life he once knew. He visits his mother and, after gaining the reluctant permission, makes the fateful call for Valentin. In the prison, Valentin is being interrogated by the Warden. Molina, his face bloody and body beaten, is dragged in. The Warden pulls out a revolver and threatens to kill Molina if Valentin does not reveal the names. Molina warns Valentin that he he obeys the Warden's order, Valentin will have betrayed him. As Molina proclaims his love, the Warden shoots him. In the moment before his death, Molina experiences his ultimate Technicolor fantasy in which he dances a joyful tango with the Spider Woman, celebrating his release from pain. Aurora gives him that fateful kiss. CAST • Molina • Warden • Valentin • Esteban • Marcos • Aurora (Spider Woman) • Molina's Mother • Marta • Prisoners doubling as various materialised characters MUSICAL NUMBERS ACT 1 1. Prologue - Aurora, Prisoners 2. Her Name Is Aurora - Molina, Aurora, Aurora's Men, Prisoners 3. Over the Wall - Prisoners 4. Bluebloods - Molina 5. Dressing Them Up/I Draw the Line - Molina, Valentin 6. Dear One - Molina's Mother, Marta, Valentin, Molina 7. Over the Wall II - Prisoners, Molina, Valentin