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if he does. That night, at the caliph’s diwan, the candidates for his hand dance for him: Princess Zubbediya of Damascus, Princess Samaris of Bangalore, and the three Ababu princesses. The caliph is unmoved. Hajj is searching for Marsinah; the wazir thanks the “wizard” for placing the caliph’s beloved in his own harem. Laughing, he tells him that he has married the pretty little Marsinah. Realizing what has happened, Hajj pulls a knife, but has a better idea. He takes a blank plaque and throws it in a pool, proclaiming that when it is retrieved, it will read the name of the caliph’s fated bride. He secretly gives the wazir another tablet, this one with the name Ababu written on it, and tells him to substitute it for the tablet from the pool. When the wazir enters the pool, Hajj trips him and holds him underwater until he drowns. Hajj explains all to the caliph, who is joyfully reunited with Marsinah. The caliph is ready to pardon Hajj for his murder of a public official, but the poet requests, as his punishment, to be “banished to some dreadful oasis ... at least a week’s journey away by camel,” and to be made to comfort the wazir’s widow in her “grief ”. As the two couples unite, the poet reflects on the fleetingness of “The Sands of Time”. CAST Singing Principals •Marsinah, the poet's daughter •Lalume. •An Ayah to Princess Zubbediya. •The Poet. •The Caliph. •The Wazir. •The Bangle Man. Straight Roles •Omar, another poet. •Jawan, a bandit. Smaller Roles •Three Princesses of Ababu, •Princess Zubbediya of Damascus, •Princess Samaris of Bangalore, •auditionees for the hand of the Caliph. •Widow Yussef. •Several 2/3 line roles, some including short singing solos. The Edwin Lester production of KISMET was first presented by Charles Lederer at the Ziegfeld Theatre, New York City, on December 3, 1953, the first London performance was at the Stoll Theatre on April 2o, 1955. CAST: • MUEZZINS … LEE KENTON, LOUIS HENRY, EMLYN LEWIS, TOM SWIFT • DOORMAN … COLIN THOMAS • FIRST BEGGAR … COLIN CUNNINGHAM • SECOND BEGGAR … HUMPHREY HEATHCOTE • THIRD BEGGAR … DAVID DULAK • DERVISHES … RAYMOND RAY, JOHN BLYSDAEL • OMAR … DONALD ECCLES • A PUBLIC POET, later called HADJ … ALFRED DRAKE • MARSINAH, his daughter … DORETTA MORROW • TAMAN J … OSEPH SEALEY • HASSAN-BEN … ALISTER WILLIAMSON • JAWAN … STANLEY VAN BEERS • STREET DANCER … JOSEPHINE BLAKE • AKBAR …MALCOLM GODDARD • ASSIZ … NIGEL BURKE • THE BANGLEMAN … COLIN THOMAS • CHIEF POLICEMAN … HUMPHREY HEATHCOTE • SECOND POLICEMAN … ALISTER WILLIAMSON • THIRD POLICEMAN … JOSEPH SEALEY • THE WAZIR OF POLICE … PAUL WHITSUN-JONES