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Act II 11. Price & Son Theme (reprise) — Full Company 12. What a Woman Wants — Lola, Pat, Don, George & the Ladies of the Factory 13. In This Corner — Lola, Don, Pat, Trish, Angels & Factory Workers 14. So Long, Charlie — Nicola 15. The Soul of a Man — Charlie 16. Hold Me in Your Heart — Lola 17. Raise You Up/Just Be — Full Company CAST • Charlie Price - A bit confused, a bit unfocused, a hero hiding under a victim's mantle.(Male, 25-35 yrs old) • Don - Lola's nemesis. Burly hypermasculine bear of a factory worker (Male, 20-40 yrs old) • George - Factory manager keeping up traditions. Reserved. (Male, 30-50 yrs old) • Harry - A contemporary of Charlie's but his opposite. Successful, self aware and confident. (Male, 25-40 yrs old) • Lauren - Beautiful and strong working class girl. (Female, 20-30 yrs old) • Lola/Simon - A prize fighter's physique draped in satin. A heterosexual cross-dresser with a killer voice and winning ways. (Male, 30-35) • Mr. Price - Charlie's father. (Male, 50-80 yrs old) • Nicola - Charlie's long-term girlfriend. Driven, uncompromising. (Female, 20-30 yrs old) • Pat - Officious office manager who will let loose her wild side when allowed. Lola's love interest. (Female, 20-40 yrs old) • Richard Bailey - Nicola's boss. An overtly attractive and successful man. (Male, 30-50 yrs old) • Simon Sr. - Lola's father. An unforgiving tower of anger. (Male, 30-50 yrs old) • The Angels - The drag performers who populate The Blue Angel Nightclub. This ain't a job for no wallflowers. (Female, 20-30 yrs old) • Trish - Factory worker with a husband and kids to worry over. (Female, 20-40 yrs old) • Young Charlie - Charlie as a seven year old boy. Lost, quiet, reflective. (Male, 7 yrs old) • Young Lola/Simon - Lola as a ten year old boy who already knows he's destined to wear high heels. (Male, 10 yrs old) Ensemble - Hooligans, Factory Workers, Pub Patrons, Photographers, Club Patrons DISCOGRAPHY Kinky Boots (Original West End Cast Recording) Kinky Boots (Original Broadway Cast Recording)