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Lola gets all of the attention from the women in the factory for what she wears. Don and Lola argue about what it means to be a real man (“What a Woman Wants”). Lola challenges Don to write down what he thinks would make her a real man, she will agree to do that as long as he does the same. Lauren alerts Charlie that Don has challenged Lola to a boxing match. Charlie is concerned; when Lauren says Lola can stand up for herself, Charlie explains he’s worried about Don. Lauren and Charlie arrive at the pub just in time to see the boxing match (“In This Corner”). At the end of the fight, Lola lets Don win. When he asks her why, she explains that she didn’t want him to walk back into the factory and feel disrespected. She then gives Don her challenge, to accept someone for who they are, anyone at all. In the factory office, Charlie realizes they don’t have enough money to go to Milan. Lola suggests they cut costs by using her angels instead of professional models, but Charlie scoffs at this idea. He wants to be taken seriously at the fashion show. He also criticizes Trish and the other workers for not building the shoes right. Nicola arrives, furious with Charlie for mortgaging their flat without asking her, so that he can pay for the Milan trip. Ultimately, it is clear that she and Charlie are on different paths and she leaves. Then, Charlie tells Lola that they need to show the shoes on women. This was not the plan. Lola is furious and Charlie further insults her. After berating the factory workers as well, everyone leaves Charlie alone with his half done shoes. Alone in the factory, Charlie is completely defeated (“Soul of a Man”). Lauren finds Charlie and reminds him why he is doing all of this – because it is his father’s legacy. He turns to find the factory all lit up; confused, he go inside to find his employees back at work, making the boots. It turns out that Don took Lola’s challenge and accepted Charlie for who he really is, and got everyone to come back. Don also gives Charlie back last week’s paychecks, so that they will have enough money to go to Milan. Charlie sees the finished boots, and they are finally right (“The Sex is In the Heel – Reprise”). As the team gets ready to go to London, Lola is nowhere to be found. Charlie calls her repeatedly to apologize, but with no success. Meanwhile, we find Lola performing in the Clacton Nursing Home (“Hold Me In Your Heart”). When the show ends, it turns out that her father – in a wheelchair and with an oxygen mask – was in the audience. Backstage in Milan, Charlie is all alone and prepared to go on to model the boots himself. Lauren and George sit in the audience, ready to cheer him on – Lauren is even more impressed by him (“History of Wrong Guys – Reprise”). Charlie tentatively takes the runway, but before he can embarrass himself too much, Lola and her angels appear and take the stage. They dazzle the runway (“Hold You Up”). With everyone celebrating the triumph of the kinky boots, Charlie asks Lauren out. The stage is flooded with all of the factory workers wearing the boots, including Don! As the lights change, Young Charlie and Young Lola enter along with Mr. Price and Simon, Sr., the two boys hug their fathers. Then, adult Charlie and Lola hug. They step forward and tell the audience their secret to success (“Just Be”). MUSICAL NUMBERS Act I 1. Price & Son Theme — Full Company 2. The Most Beautiful Thing — Full Company 3. Take What You Got — Harry, Charlie & Club Patrons 4. The Land of Lola — Lola & Angels 5. Beware the Black Widow — Lola & Angels 6. Step One — Charlie 7. Sex is in the Heel — Lola, Pat, George, Angels & Factory Workers 8. The History of Wrong Guys — Lauren 9. I'm Not My Father's Son — Lola & Charlie 10. Everybody Say Yeah — Charlie, Lola, Angels & Factory Workers