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In Lola’s dressing room, Charlie offers to fix the heel to Lola’s boot that got broken in the fight. He notes that the boots are cheaply made. Cheaply made, but very expensive, Lola points out. It is hard to find high heels that can stand up to her. Lola goes out for her second show, which splits the stage with Charlie back at the Price & Son office the following day. He is giving two-weeks notice to his employees, who are not happy about it. Lauren suggests that if nobody wants what Charlie is making, he should make something they want. Meanwhile, Nicola pressures Charlie to leave the factory and come back to London so they can plan their wedding. As they argue about the specialty shoes she wants, a light bulb goes off for him (“Land of Lola – Reprise”). Lauren and Charlie go to visit Lola at the club. Charlie convinces Lola to let him design boots for crossdressing men that she will wear. Lola says she will pick the boots up at the factory, despite Charlie’s protests that he’ll bring them to her in London. Since he doesn’t want her coming to Northampton, that’s exactly what she intends to do. Lola exits, telling Charlie to make the boots red. Alone in his office, Charlie wonders what he’s gotten himself into and if he can really save the factory this way (“Step One”). Triumphant, Charlie creates a burgundy boot with a chunky block heel. When Lola sees the boot, she is not impressed. Charlie doesn’t understand what’s wrong with the boot – Lola tries to explain that burgundy is boring and red is sexy. She asks the women in the factory if they would wear this shoe, they would not; Lola explains that anything they won’t wear, she won’t wear. Don comes onto Lola, but when he realizes that she is a man, he gets very angry. Lola, joined by her angels – the back up dancers from the club, tries to explain to Charlie where he has gone wrong (“The Sex is in the Heel”). Lola designs a variety of boots that are sleek and sexy. Charlie protests, saying that they cannot make a stiletto heel for men, but George disagrees. When Charlie realizes that they can make the shoe, he asks Lola to come design for him. Lola is unsure; small-minded men like Don are why she moved to London to begin with, she doesn’t want to come back. Charlie manages to convince her, explaining his plan to debut their boots at the fashion show in Milan. After Charlie explains the plan to the factory workers, he thanks Lauren for helping him and promotes her off the production line, so that she can help with the Milan show. Lauren realizes she is getting a crush on Charlie, much to her chagrin (“History of Wrong Guys”). Don and some of the other workers complain to George about being harassed for making these new kinds of kinky boots. George tells him they should be grateful to be making shoes and keeping the factory open. Lola appears for her first day of work wearing men’s clothing; after being made fun of by Don, she retreats to the bathroom. Charlie comes to find her. They realize they have a lot of in common, each one trying, unsuccessfully, to live up to his father’s expectations. Lola’s father had wanted her to be a champion boxer as he had been, but that wasn’t her path (“I’m Not My Father’s Son”). Charlie finds Nicola with her new boss outside of the factory. He is excited to tell her about his plan to save the factory, but instead learns that his father was planning to sell the Price & Son building and have it turned into condos. The implication is that Mr. Price didn’t have enough faith in Charlie to take over the factory. Just then, Lola has completed her first pair of thigh-high, shiny, red boots, and they are exactly what Charlie was hoping for. Together, they get the whole factory excited for their kinky revolution (“Everybody Say Yeah”). ACT II As the houselights fade, the Price & Son factory gets made over to reflect their new product (“Price & Son Redux”). Inside the factory, Charlie criticizes Lola for not wearing proper working attire. It is clear that he is panicking about the Milan show. Don confronts Lola about her outfit as well, and Lola tells him he is jealous because