Shows K

MUSICAL NUMBERS Act I 1. Chorus (Foresters) - Foresters Free Are We 2. Chorus (Foresters) - Hail ! Robin Hood 3. Song (Robin Hood) - The King of the Wood 4. Chorus (Maidens & Foresters) - We Are Merry Maidens 5. Solo & Chorus - Willy Nilly, You Must Come With Me 6. Song (Friar Tuck) - A Universal Genius I 7. Chorus (Foresters) - Sing A Song of Sherwood 8. Duet (Abbot & Sheriff) & Chorus - A Gay Little Pig 9. Chorus (Foresters) - Enough, You Beaux 10. Song (Maid Marian) - Where Shall I Wander? 11. Duet (Robin Hood & Maid Marian) - Can I Trust This Stranger? 12. Song & Semi-Chorus (Sir Richard & The Three) - I'm a Penniless Knight 13. Final Chorus - Fairest Flowers of the Forest Act II 14. Opening Chorus - We Are Subjects of Our Queen 15. Solo (Dame Scarlet) & Chorus - I'm the Victim of An Accident 16. Recit & Chorus - Maidens, Arise 17. Song (Dame Scarlet) & Chorus - Always Be Kind To Your Husband 18. Duet (Friar Tuck & King) & Chorus - Oh, He Who Would Rough It 19. Song (Maid Marian) & Chorus (Girls) - What Sort of a Man? 20. Recit. & Chorus - Tell Me, Sir Richard 21. Recit. (Sheriff) & Chorus - Stay, I Have Been Consulting My Dial 22. Recit. (Sheriff & King) & Chorus - It Is the King 23. Duet (Abbot & Sheriff) & Chorus - Stone Us Till Existence Ceases 24. Song (Robin Hood) - England, Merry England 25. Finale - Always Be Kind To Your Husband COSTUME PLOT ARCHERS' DRESSES Full size bows, quivers and arrows, Lincoln green serge tunic and knickers, brown satteen bands, deep collar and cuffs, boots, and hat with pheasant tail. FRIAR TUCK Brown serge cassock with hood, rope girdle, sandals, and shaven wig. KING RICHARD Ordinary dress, " Coeur de Lion" pictures, head piece, tunic and leggings, to resemble chain-mail, and white long fur coat, sleeveless, with red cross in front. DAME SCARLET Red dress, laced bodice, sleeves to elbow, turned back with white, white muslin apron, and white muslin large handkerchief twisted round head and hanging down. MAID MARIAN Soft white dress, square neck, and large hanging sleeves, with silk or muslin head dress hanging over hair to the feet. VILLAGE MAIDENS Muslin or print short skirts, looped up over dress, laced bodice, muslin or lace cap.