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Elephant's Child and Kolokolo Bird ask the Parsee man if they might rest on the island for a bit and taste one of the Parsee's tasty cakes before they go off to defeat Pau Amma. As they chat, Rhinoceros bumbles on stage. He is the classic, greedy school bully complaining about his "Thick Skin" which appears painfully tight. He then continues on his way (offstage) and knocks Cookstove over as he goes. Though at first skeptical of the young pachyderm's chances of defeating Crab, Parsee Man and Cookstove are eventually won over and agree to cook a special cookie made out of the emergency rations as a gift so Crab will behave. Along with the various Cake Ingredients (Butter, Sugar, Flour) and Cookstove, Parsee Man shows Elephant's Child and Kolokolo Bird how to do "The Parsee Cake Walk." Rhino, who smells the yummy Parsee Cake, comes back and tries to blend in amongst the dancing ingredients. As the completed cake emerges from the radiant Cookstove, Rhino leaps forward and greedily rushes off with the Parsee Cake. Parsee Man and Cookstove are beside themselves. They are despondent and vow to repay the 'loathsome oaf who stole their loaf '. Leaving the Parsee and Rhino to resolve their differences, Elephant's Child and Kolokolo Bird set sail once again in search of Pau Amma. The little raft finally reaches the coast of Africa where they meet the animals on the High Veldt. Giraffe, Koodoo, Eland, Bushbuck, Quagga and Zebra lounge around the trunk of a gnarled old baobab tree whilst Leopard and Jaguar are making advances. The cats are hungry. The herd senses danger and disperses leading the cats on "The Chase" When Jaguar and Leopard realize that Elelphant's Child and Kolokolo Bird are around they decide the pair might make a good meal and hide in order to surprise them. When Elephant's Child asks the ferocious felines for help in finding Pau Amma, the cats offer a deal: they will help the child find the Limpopo River in exchange for the child helping them find Giraffe and Zebra. When Elephant's Child asks what the two cats might want with the docile creatures, Jaguar and Leopard cheerfully explain "They Want to Take the Ladies Out" …for dinner. Elephant's Child is horrified at the cats' culinary intentions and discusses warning the animals with Kolokolo Bird. As they talk they fear they hear the cats coming back and duck behind the baobab tree. But instead of the cats, Giraffe and Zebra come back. Elephant's Child convinces them to "Pick Up Your Hooves and Trot" and join him and Kolokolo Bird on the quest for the Limpopo River where they might escape Jaguar and Leopard once and for all. The group comes across a jungle where they eventually decide to rest until tomorrow. But Giraffe and Zebra stick out like sore thumbs and fear that Leopard and Jaguar are close behind. Elephant's Child discovers the "Jungle Light" and how it can camouflage the animals beneath it. He prays to the Eldest Magician to help him make some magic. In a tree above, the Eldest Magician, has heard Elephant's Child's pleas and molds and shapes the light beam to fall on the animals in such a way as to hide the giraffe and zebra. The two are transformed into their permanently patchy and stripey patterns. So pleased were the Giraffe and Zebra with their transformations that news spread far and wide and soon the Koodoo, Quagga, Eland, Bushbuck, and many other animals came to change into new camouflaged patterns. The Leopard and Jaguar wandered the Veldt and wondered where all their breakfasts and dinners and teas had gone. It was as the Eldest Magician had asked at the Time of the Very Beginnings--that all the animals find their individuality. All the animals celebrate their new skins and security of being invisible to the hungry cats. They dance and sing of their success of becoming "Just So." But their celebration is short lived as their party is interrupted by the sound of crashing waves. The baobab tree collapses allowing sunlight to glare down into the clearing and the animals run about in chaos. It was the Crab, Pau Amma, who rose out of the water with his giant rosy-ruddy shell blotting out the sun. The rest of the animals draw back leaving Elephant's Child center stage to face the Crab. The giant crab asks who dare challenge him. Elephant's Child speaks up and politely asks the crab to stop playing with the sea as it causes great havoc for the other animals. Pau Amma laughs at the destruction he causes and vows to go out and hunt for food seven times a day now instead of two so that the waters will never be still. Elephant's Child is now scared and concerned and doesn’t know what to do at all. He fears he has only made things worse. Kolokolo steps forward and gently puts her hand on his shoulder. She convinces Elephant's