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b. Space Lane ‘55 The Spacemen - The John Tiller Girls c. On the Planet Asura The Sky-Rider - Kenneth Sandford The Siren - Sheila O’Niell Her Attendants - The Carden Dancers The Sentinals of Space - The John Tiller Girls 12. The Wooden Horse of Troy a. The Seige Helen - Josephone Anne Handmaidens and Soldiers - The Show Lovelies, The Carden Dancers, The Four Lads b. The Gift Horse The Warriors - The John Tiller Girls 13. British Railways - The Crazy Gang 14. Festival of Spring The Singer - Kenneth Sandford The Girls - The Show Lovelies The Gypsy - Pamela Bromley The Fire Dancers - The Carden Dancers The Peasants - The John Tiller Girls 15. Bud Flanagan - Same Old Stuff 16. The Scarlet Pimpernel Sir Percy Blakeney - Teddy Knox M. Chauvelin - Bud Flanagan M. Degas - Jimmy Gold Lady Blakeney - Josephine Anne Interrupted by Jimmy Nervo and Charlie Naughton 17. Carry on London a. The New Cries of London Sweet Lavender - The Show Lovelies Cherry Ripe - The John Tiller Girls Oranages and Lemons - Pamela Bromley and the Carden Dancers b. In the Pleasure Garden - The Entire Company