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decision. John is deeply hurt by his mother's reaction, and he bitterly mocks her influence on his life. As their argument escalates, Jen slaps her son. Shaken by the parallels to her abusive father, Jen retreats to her brother's grave, where she finally accepts that it's time to move on. John joins his mother at the cemetery, where Jen asks his forgiveness. Jen is finally able to let her son go, and they take their first steps into the world on their own. MUSICAL NUMBERS Act I – Jen and John (Brother) 1. Welcome to the World – Jen 2. Think Big – Jen and John 3. Dear God – Jen and John 4. Hold Down the Fort – Jen 5. Timeline – Jen and John 6. It Took Me a While – John 7. Out of My Sight – Jen and John 8. Run and Hide – Jen and John 9. Epilogue – Jen and John Act II – Jen and John (Son) 10. Old Clothes – Jen 11. Little League – Jen and John 12. Just Like You – Jen 13. Bye Room – John 14. Talk Show – Jen and John 15. Smile of Your Dreams – Jen 16. Graduation – Jen and John 17. The Road Ends Here – Jen 18. That Was My Way – Jen 19. Every Goodbye is Hello – Jen and John DISCOGRAPHY: Original Cast Recording Starring Carolee Carmello and James Ludwig - Varèse Sarabande VSD 5688