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JO Music by William Dyer, Book and Lyrics by Don Parks and William Dyer Based on Louisa May Alcotts Little Women Westside/Upstairs - Off-Broadway 10 December, 1978 (1 perf) OrpheumTheatre, Off-Broadway - February 12, 1964 (63 perfs) SYNOPSIS The normally pleasant routine of their lives having been disrupted by the privations of the Civil War, the four March sisters are drawn even more closely together by the absence of their father and the need to help their mother maintain their home. They all pitch in, with the exception of the delicate Beth, and earn what money they can to help meet expenses but they are still affected by the mainstream of life and the inescapable call of love and marriage. The first to strike out on her own is Meg, who marries the man of her choice, and then Jo, the most vivacious and independent of the sisters, is sought out by Laurie, the wealthy and attractive nephew of a neighbour. But Jo, hoping for a writing career and a life of her own, is not yet ready to commit herself. She takes a position as governess with a New York family and submits her stories for publication under an assumed name. Eventually she has her work published and, at the same time, falls deeply in love with the kindly German tutor who has become her friend and advisor. When she returns home to tell Laurie she cannot marry him she is obliged to stay on by the worsening condition óf Beth and, when her sister dies, Jo remains to help her mother. Meanwhile Amy is treated to a European trip by their rich Aunt March and, while abroad, develops an ever-deepening attachment for Laurie, who is studying there. When they return it is to be married, leaving Jo with only the memory of her lost love to comfort her. But the tutor, Professor Bhaer, has not forsaken her and, when he comes to seek her out, Jo is fulfilled at last and all ends happily with the sound of wedding bells. CAST: - 10 men, 12 women Jo Meg Beth Amy, Marmee Laurie John Brooke Hannah, Freddie April Aunt March MUSICAL NUMBERS ACT ONE 1. Harmony. Mass. (Townspeople). 2. Deep in the Bosom of the Family (Jo, Meg, Beth, Amy) 3. Hurry Home (Marmee, Meg. Jo, Beth, Amy) 4. Lets Be Elegant or Die (Meg, Jo, Beth, Amy) 5. Castles in the Air (Laurie) 6. Friendly Polka) (Jo, Laurie, Guests) 7. Time Will Be (John Brooke) 8. What a Long Cold Winter! (Amy, Beth, Hannah. Townspeople) 9. Moods (Jo, Laurie) 10. Afraid to Fall In Love (Jo) 11. A Wedding! A Wedding! (Beth, Amy, Meg, Townspeople) 12. I Like (Laurie) ACT TWO 13. Genius Burns (Jo, Freddie) 14. If You Find a True Love. (Professor Bhaer, Children) 15. Nice as Arty Man Can Be (Jo) 16. More Than Friends (Laurie) 17. Taking the Cure (Tourists, April Amy, Aunt March, Laurie)