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• Scene l: Friday Night, Bethany • Scene 2: Sunday, Jerusalem • Scene 3: Monday, Pontius Pilate's House • Scene 4: Tuesday, The Plot • Scene 5: Thursday Night, The Last Supper/ The Garden • Scene 6: Friday, Pilate's Palace/ House of Herod/ Pilate's Palace/ Golgotha PERIOD AND COSTUMES: The time of Christ. A variety of male and female robes ranging from peasant garb to nicer plain cloaks for Jesus, his Apostles, and their women, to the elaborate robes of the high priests, Pilate, Herod, and their women. There are loin-cloths, helmets for soldiers, surrealistic hats, head pieces, spears, and other accessories. CHOREOGRAPHY: Choreographed movement, production numbers that take the form of mini-pageants. LIGHTING AND SPECIAL EFFECTS: Dramatic lighting throughout. Vast lighting areas. Several follow spots in front. Boxes and backstage lofts are helpful and add to the Superstar effect. DISCOGRAPHY Jesus Christ Superstar Cast Recording