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Conflicted, Judas seeks out the Pharisees and proposes helping them arrest Jesus, believing that Jesus is out of control and that Jesus himself would approve of his action. In exchange for his help, Judas is offered thirty pieces of silver. Judas initially refuses, then accepts when Caiaphas suggests that he can use the money to help the poor (Damned for All Time/Blood Money). Act II Jesus shares a Passover meal with his disciples, where they get drunk and pay little attention to him. He remarks that for all you care the wine they are drinking could be his blood and the bread his body. He asks them to remember him, then frustrated by their lack of understanding, he predicts that Peter will deny him three times that night, and that another one of them will betray him. Judas admits that he is the one who will betray Jesus and, saying that he does not understand why Jesus did not plan things better, leaves (The Last Supper). The remaining apostles fall asleep, and Jesus retreats to the Garden of Gethsemane to pray (Gethsemane (I Only Want to Say)). He tells God his doubts about whether his mission has had any success, and angrily demands to know why he should continue and suffer the horrible death that awaits him. Receiving no answer, he realises that he cannot defy God’s will, and surrenders to God. Judas arrives with Roman soldiers and identifies Jesus by kissing him on the cheek (The Arrest). When Jesus is brought to trial before the Sanhedrin, Caiaphas demands to know if he calls himself the Son of God, and Jesus responds merely That’s what you say. Caiaphas says that this is sufficient evidence and sends him to Pilate. Meanwhile, Peter is confronted by three people, to whom he denies that he knows Jesus (Peter’s Denial). Mary observes that Jesus had predicted this. Pilate asks Jesus if he is the King of the Jews. Jesus again answers That’s what you say. Since Jesus is from Galilee, Pilate says that he is not under his jurisdiction and sends him to King Herod (Pilate and Christ). The flamboyant King Herod asks Jesus to prove his divinity by performing miracles (King Herod’s Song), but Jesus ignores him. Herod angrily sends him back to Pilate. Mary Magdalene, Peter, and the apostles remember when they first began following Jesus, and wish that they could return to a time of peace (Could We Start Again, Please?). Judas is horrified at Jesus’ harsh treatment. He expresses regret to the Pharisees, fearing that he will forever be remembered as a traitor. Caiaphas and Annas assure him that he has done the right thing. Judas throws down the money he was given and storms out. He curses God for manipulating him, and commits suicide (Judas’s Death). At Jesus’s trial, Pilate attempts to interrogate Jesus, but is cut off by a bloodthirsty mob which demands that Jesus be crucified.[a] He tells the mob that Jesus has committed no crime and does not deserve to die, but to satisfy the mob he will have Jesus flogged (Trial Before Pilate). Pilate pleads with Jesus to defend himself, but Jesus says weakly that everything has been determined by God. The crowd still calls for Jesus’s death and finally Pilate reluctantly agrees to crucify Jesus. As Jesus awaits crucifixion, the spirit of Judas returns and questions why Jesus chose to arrive in the manner and time that he did, and if it was all part of a divine plan (Superstar). Jesus is crucified, recites his final words and dies (The Crucifixion). Jesus’ body is taken down from the cross and then buried into a near cave to the mountain where he died (John Nineteen: Forty-One). MUSICAL NUMBERS Act One 1. Overture – Orchestra 2. Heaven on Their Minds – Judas 3. What’s the Buzz/Strange Thing, Mystifying – Jesus, Judas, Mary and Apostles 4. Everything’s Alright – Mary, Judas, Jesus, Women and Apostles 5. This Jesus Must Die – Caiaphas, Annas and High Priests 6. Hosanna – Jesus, Caiaphas and Company 7. Simon Zealotes/Poor Jerusalem - Simon, Jesus and Company 8. Pilate’s Dream – Pilate