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Scene 2 Emma enters the dark room that is Jekyll's Laboratory. She is reading Jekyll's journal when the sound of a key in the lock startles her. Jekyll enters and is immediately wary of her presence. She implores him to remember when they were "lost in love's embrace" - when they embarked on this scientific journey together. Jekyll admits he loves her and begs her not to abandon him. Emma promises, "When you need me, if you need me, you know where I'll be." She goes and Jekyll makes an entry in his journal. He is losing control of when he transforms and fears that he is risking death. Utterson knocks on the door. Jekyll hides the formula, closes his journal. He unlocks the door and Utterson enters questioning the letter that Jekyll wrote him leaving Edward Hyde his sole heir. Although still concerned, Utterson promises to follow his wishes and to deliver some chemicals from Bisset. Alone again, Jekyll wonders what is trying to overtake him. As Jekyll looks in the mirror his image changes into the images of Lucy and Emma. Jekyll swoons. Both images of the women reminisce about their feelings for Jekyll and the wealth of love and compassion they find. Scene 3 Lucy is alone at "The Red Hat". Jekyll appears huddled in the shadows. She is delighted to see him. Out of the shadows steps Hyde. He tells her he will be going away for awhile and threatens her should she not be waiting when she gets back. Despite herself, Lucy is drawn to his voice. As he caresses her, she notes the coldness of his touch and wonders at the dangerous game she is playing with the madman. Scene 4 At the laboratory late at night, Hyde is slumped in an armchair. Utterson tentatively knocks and then enters the unlocked door looking for Henry. Hyde admits that Jekyll will never return. Utterson, determined to deliver the rare chemicals to his friend personally, turns up the lights and is dismayed to see Jekyll's journal at Hyde's feet and the lab in complete disarray. He demands to see his friend. Hyde chuckles and then agrees. He drinks the potion and transforms into an exhausted Jekyll in front of Utterson's very eyes. Jekyll begs his friend to help him as there is not much time. He asks Utterson to take money to Lucy and beg her to leave town. Utterson leaves and Jekyll vows to find a potion to rid him of Hyde. As he begins to mix the formula he suffers the problem of not knowing if he will lose his mind forever. Scene 5 Utterson and Lucy are in her room at "The Red Hat". Utterson delivers Jekyll's letter and the money he has left for her. Utterson exits and Lucy lies on the bed and closes her eyes, dreaming of her new life, when Hyde emerges from the shadows and lights a dim lamp. He reads the letter Jekyll left her. Lucy, both drawn to him and terrified, promises she wouldn't leave him. He stabs her repeatedly while singing about the sweetness to be found in her face. A shudder passes through him and it is Henry Jekyll left to stand before Lucy's lifeless bloodstained body. Scene 6 A storm brews outside of Jekyll's devastated laboratory. Jekyll enters and looks in the mirror. He battles his evil alter ego where Hyde vows to live inside him forever. Jekyll hurls a beaker and shatters the mirror. There is sudden darkness. A bitter chemical permeates the air. Scene 7 Utterson narrates that Jekyll knew that the way back to sanity would be treacherous. "Yet back from the dead he came, to the sound of wedding bells". Guests appear at the church for the wedding of Henry Jekyll and Emma Carew. Sir Danvers leads his daughter up the aisle where Jekyll awaits. The Minister begins the ceremony. Suddenly Jekyll doubles over in pain as Hyde emerges and takes over. Stride, a guest at the