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Henry’s biggest crush and the most popular girl in school. A pretty girl who is secretly envious of Henry’s smarts. Becomes Eddie’s girlfriend but eventually has a change of heart about the relationship. Mother Henry’s mother. She is a good mother and wife who wants the best for her family. Loyal, supportive, kind. Father Henry’s Father. A businessman in a bank who just wants the best for his three kids. Kind, caring, loving. MARISSA Chelsea’s best friend. One of the popular kids, she is protective of Chelsea and wants her to leave Eddie. Chuck Vernicker The class bully, he is always targeting Henry in his antics. Revealed to be woefully insecure despite a facade of confident machismo. Eddie Henry’s alter ego. He is borderline abusive to those around him and possesses a hot temper. Cocky, controlling, and mean. Gender: male Ensemble - Students; Teachers CAST: - 2-4 women, 3-8 men MUSICAL NUMBERS: • Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde • What If? • Just Once • New Kid • More • Something’s Wrong • If I Were You • Finale (You’re Not Alone) New Kid INSTRUMENTATION: tape accompaniment - no piano available