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synagogue. Mary has come to listen. She sees how Jack has reconciled the division in his soul: "a jazz singer — singing to his God." "The season passes — and time heals — the show goes on." Jack, as "The Jazz Singer," is now appearing at the Winter Garden theater, apparently as the featured performer opening for a show called Back Room. His beloved mother sits alongside Yudleson in the front row of the packed theater. In blackface, Jack performs the song "Mammy" for her, and for the world. MUSICAL NUMBERS: 1. Whispering 2. Let Me Sing and I'm Happy 3. I'm Sitting On Top Of the World 4. Wus Geven is Geven Un Nito 5. I Want a Girl 6. Baby Face 7. My Blushin Rose 8. You Made Me Love You 9. April Showers 10. Mammy 11. I'm Just Wild About Harry 12. Sonny Boy 13. Kol Nidre 14. Play Me a Simple Melody Medley 15. Carolina In the Morning 16. Midnight Choo-Choo 17. Waiting For the Roberts E. Lee 18. Swanee 19. April Showers Cast • Sara Rabinowitz • Mary Dale • Cantor • Jack Rabinowitz • Yudelson • Producer