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Cast • JASON - Young and geeky hero who seeks the Golden Fleece. • GREEK CHORUS - Six savvy and sexy young women who tell the story. (ALPHA, BETA, GAMMA, DELTA, KAPPA & PI) In Thessaly: • CHIRON - (keer-ron) A kind and loyal centaur. Jason’s guardian. • AESON - (ee-son) Jason’s father and King of Thessaly (minor non-singing). • POLYMELE - (polly-mee-lee) Jason’s mother and Queen of Thessaly. • LEON / JOHNNY / ZENA - Hotel Manager / Comedian / Ventriloquist – all at Paradise Heights • KING PELIAS - (pay-lee-ass) Jason’s villainous uncle - usurper King of Thessaly. In Heaven: • HERA - (heer-a) haughty Goddess Queen of Heaven - creates and loves Jason. • ARTEMIS - (ar-ter-miss) Goddess of wisdom and war – Smart. Hera’s upstart rival. • APHRODITE - (aff-ro-die-tee) Goddess of beauty and love – a romantic and sincere. • ATHENE (a-thee-nee) Virgin Goddess of the hunt – fun loving, a bit goofy. • ZEUS - (zee oose) King of the Gods – wimp with a booming voice - a gangster. On The Argo: • ARGO - (ar-go) Argonaut. Avuncular old shipwright who builds The Argo. • HERCULES - (her-cu-leez) Argonaut. Strongest (& most tactless!) man in the world. • ORPHEUS - (or-fee-us) Argonaut. Gorgeous street soul musician and poet. A dude. • ATALANTA - (at-a-lan-ta) female Argonaut – ‘bombshell’ and renowned archer. • LYNCEUS -(lyn-key-us) Argonaut. Eager young lad with x-ray eyes. The lookout. • CASTOR & POLLUX - (cas-ter & poll-ucks) Argonauts. Posh and proper identical twins. Olympic athletes straight out of ‘Chariots of Fire’. On Colchis: • PAPA AETES - (ay-teez) Svengali King of Colchis. Keeper of the Golden Fleece. • MEDEA - (med-day-a) New age Daughter of Papa Aetes. A feisty teen sorceress. • APSYRTUS (ap-su-tuss) Malevolent eldest son of Papa Aetes. The Crown Prince. • HIGH PRIESTESS - Guardian of the Fleece. A loud and theatrical charlatan. • PASTOR - A wild and outlandish ‘man of the cloth’ with long hair and beard. • ALSO: Boys, Girls, Servants, Thugs, Guards, Citizens, Maids, Priests and Priestesses. • SCENES AND SETTINGS Jason & The Argonauts is set in Ancient Greece in a variety of locations including a mountainside, the Paradise Hotel, Heaven, The Argo ship, a beach, a fortress and a temple.