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The listless houseguests are delighted when "the Gipsy" arrives to read their palms, but are so upset by their fortunes that they soon break up the party and go home. Rochester has chased Blanche away, and finally confesses his love to an incredulous Jane and asks her to be his wife. The happiness of the couple somewhat disconcerts Mrs. Fairfax but plans go ahead for the wedding. On the wedding morning, however, the dreadful secret of the Figure in the attic is revealed. Rochester tries to hold on to Jane, but they both know her conscience will never allow her to stay by his side as anything but his wife. Jane runs off, taking nothing with her and leaving behind a desperate Rochester. The madwoman in the attic runs amok, setting fire to Thornfield Hall and luring Rochester onto the burning roof as he attempts to save her. Alone and penniless, hungry and exhausted, Jane makes her way back to her childhood home at Gateshead Hall. There she meets St. John Rivers, a young clergyman living in the house of her dying aunt, Mrs. Reed. St. John tries to reconcile Jane and Mrs. Reed, but despite Jane's genuine application of Helen Burns' philosophy of forgiveness, Mrs. Reed dies a bitter and despairing woman. St. John also decides that Jane would make the perfect wife for a missionary, and a reluctant but grateful Jane is almost ready to accept when she hears "The Voice Across the Moors." She feels she cannot leave England until she learns what has become of Mr. Rochester. Now a woman with her own money - inherited from her aunt - she returns to find Thornfield a burnt out shell. Jane discovers Mason there at the grave of his sister, Bertha Mason Rochester, the doomed madwoman of the attic. Mason tells Jane of the fire, and of Rochester's sad fate. Reunited with Rochester, now blind and partially crippled, but a free man at last, they declare themselves "Brave Enough for Love" CAST - (in order of appearance): Jane Eyre Young Jane Young John Reed Mrs. Reed Mr. Brocklehurst Miss Scatcherd Marigold Helen Burns Schoolgirls Mrs. Fairfax Robert Adele Grace Poole Edward Fairfax Rochester Bertha Blanche Ingram Lady Ingram Mary Ingram Young Lord Ingram Mr. Eshton Amy Eshton Louisa Eshton Colonel Dent Mrs. Dent Richard Mason The Gypsy Vicar St. John Rivers The action is set in England in the 1840s at Gateshead Hall, Lowood School, Thornfield Hall and the surrounding Yorkshire Moors. MUSICAL NUMBERS ACT 1 1. The Orphan - Jane 2. Children of God - School Girls, Mr Brocklehurst, Mrs Reed, Miss Scratcherd, Ensemble 3. Forgiveness - Mary Ingram, Young Jane, Jane 4. The Graveyard - Jane, Young Jane, Ensemble 5. Sweet Liberty - Jane , Ensemble 6. Perfectly Nice - Marguerite, Adele, Jane 7. As Good as You - Edward 8. Secret Soul - Jane, Edward 9. The Finer Things - Blanche 10. Oh How You Look in the Light - Edward, Blanche, Ensemble 11. The Pledge - Jane, Edward 12. Sirens - Edward, Jane, Miss Scratcherd