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JAMAICA A Musical Comedy in Two Acts, 17 Scenes. Book by E. Y. Harburg and Fred Saidy. Music by Harold Arlen. Lyrics by E. Y. Harburg. Opened 31 October 1957 at the Imperial Theatre, closing for vacation 28 June 1958; reopened 11 August 1958 at the Imperial Theatre and closed 11 April 1959 after 558 performances. SYNOPSIS The setting is a tropical, relatively apolitical paradise called Pigeon's Island, off Jamaica's coast. There a poor, handsome fisherman, Koli loves the beautiful Savannah. But Savannah spends her hours dreaming of living in New York. A hustling dude, Joe Nashua has come to the island to exploit pearl-diving possibilities in its shark-infested waters. Savannah sees in him an all-expenses-paid trip to the big city. However, when Koli saves the life of Savannah's little brother during a hurricane, she comes to face reality and accepts her island suitor. She visits New York only in a dream ballet. CAST (in order of appearance): Koli Quico Savannah Grandma Obeah Ginger Snodgrass Hucklebuck Island Women The Governor Cicero Lancaster First Ship's Officer Second Ship's Officer Joe Nashua Dock Worker Radio Announcer Dancers; Islanders: SCENES AND SETTINGS The action takes place on Pigeon Island, a mythical island off Jamaica at the present time. Act 1 Scene I: Grandma Obeah's shack. A day in spring. Scene 2: The knoll near Grandma's shack. Next day. Scene 3: Ginger's hut. That evening. Scene 4: Grandma's shack. Later that evening. Scene 5: Koli's boat. the same night. Scene 6: Dockside. The next morning. Scene 7: The Governor's mansion. A few days later. Scene 8: A night club. Scene 9: The beach at night. Scene 10: Grandma's shack. Early evening. Scene 11: Dockside. Next morning. Act 2 Scene 1: A bluff on the coast. Three days later. Scene 2: The Governor's mansion. Next afternoon. Scene 3: A room in the Governor's mansion. A few days later. Scene 4: Koli's fish market. Next day. Scene 5: The Governor's mansion. The same day. Scene 6: The knoll. Later afternoon of the same day. MUSICAL NUMBERS: 1. Savannah - (Koli, Men) 2. Savannah's Wedding Day (Grandma Obeah, Snodgras, Hucklebuck, Quico, Chorus) 3. Pretty to Walk With (Savannah, Chorus)