Shows "I"

17. King: 'There is a custom in the East' — with Friar 18. King: 'I ask nor wealth nor courtier's praise' 19. Friar: 'Not bad, say I, nor badly sung!' — with King 20. Friar: 'The wind blows cold across the moor' — with Outlaws 21. Friar: And now for combat! Where's this friend of mine?' — with King, Locksley, Chorus 22. Cedric: 'Will not our captor dare to show his face?' — with de Bracy, Rowena 23. De Bracy: 'Welcome, Sir Templar! But I may not stay' — with Brian 24. Brian: 'Her southern splendour, like the Syrian Moon' 25. Ulrica: 'Whet the keen axes' — with Rebecca 26. Rebecca: 'O awful depth below the castle wall!' 27. Rebecca: 'Lord of our chosen race' 28. Rebecca: 'Take thou these jewels; here is wealth enow...' — with Brian 29. Rebecca: 'What sound is that?' — with Brian Act III 30. Ivanhoe: `Happy with winged feet 31. Ulrica: 'Tend thou the Knight thou lovest' — with Rebecca 32. Rebecca: would that thou and I might lead our sheep...' — with Ivanhoe 33. Ivanhoe: `But hark! what sound is in mine ear?' — with Rebecca 34. Rebecca: `I see them now; the dark wood moves with bows' — with Tenors, Basses, Ivanhoe 35. Ivanhoe: 'How canst thou know what pain it is to lie...' with Rebecca, Soldiers, Brian, Outlaws, Ulrica, All 36. Outlaws: `Light foot upon the dancing green' — with King, Ivanhoe 37. King: `Maurice de Bracy, faithless knight' — with de Bracy 38. King: `Look, where thy moody father walks apart' — with Ivanhoe, Cedric, Rowena 39. Ivanhoe: `How oft beneath the far-off Syrian Skies...' — with Rowena 40. Isaac: 'Knight, Knight of Ivanhoe, I come for thee!' — with Ivanhoe, Rowena 41. Templars: Fremuere principes' 42. Grand Master: `Thou Jewish girl, who art condemned to — with Rebecca 43. Brian: `It shall not be' — with Grand Master, Rebecca 44. Voices: `A champion! A champion! A champion!' — with Ivanhoe, Chorus, Rebecca, Brian 45. Chorus: 'A judgment! A judgment!' — with King, Grand Master, Templars 46. King: `See where the banner of England floats afar.: — with Templars, Rebecca, Rowena, Ivanhoe, Cedric, All CAST • Richard Coeur-de-Lion, King of England (Disguised as the Black Knight) -(bass) • Prince John - (baritone) • Sir Brian de Bois Guilbert (Commander of the Knights Templar) - (baritone) • Maurice de Bracy - (tenor) • Lucas de Beaumanoir (Grand Master of the Templars) - (bass-baritone) • Cedric the Saxon (Thane of Rotherwood) - (bass-baritone) • Wilfred, Knight of Ivanhoe (His son, disguised as a Palmer) - (tenor) • Friar Tuck - (bass-baritone) • Isaac of York - (bass) • Locksley - (tenor) • The Squire - (tenor) • Wamba, Jester to Cedric - (non-singing role) • The Lady Rowena (Ward of Cedric) - (soprano) • Ulrica - (mezzo-soprano) • Rebecca (Daughter of Isaac of York) - (soprano)