Shows "I"

With melodramatic flair, Adela dons a disguise and bursts into Molly's apartment with Mrs. Sullivan -- and a reporter who writes a trumped up story about a woman and a waif, falsely identifying Betty as an unwed mother. Brandishing the article, Monty rushes to Jonathan who's now caught between his love for Betty and his fear of scandal. When Betty drops by in a fetching bathing suit, Jonathan is cold to her but ultimately begs her stay with him. Betty hears wedding bells -- until she realises his proposal is an illicit left-hand arrangement. She storms out. The next day, Monty tells Betty he "forgives" her for being an unwed mother -- but she's livid with him for being so quick to question her honor. To save the friendship, she and Molly teach him a lesson. When Betty hears that Jonathan also believed the phony article, she decides to teach him a lesson, too -- by crashing the annual Waltham boat outing. Dawn finds the yacht's first mate preparing for a cruise with the snooty invited guests, who are shocked by the arrival of an outrageous interloper: Mademoiselle de Latrine. Betty's performance as this faux Frenchie climaxes with the naughty novelty song. Her risque routine shocks the partygoers, but Jonathan is won over. He proposes on the spot. With an angry laugh, Betty rejects him and makes one final splash by diving overboard to swim home. Days later, Betty is at her new job selling newspapers outside Waltham's, wondering if she should have followed her own advice. A cocky newsboy tries to muscle in on her corner, then gets her to confess that she's still in love with Jonathan. The newsboy removes his disguise: it's Jonathan. Their kiss is interrupted by Adela, who leads everyone in a big chase that ends in the store. Monty and Molly reveal they've plastered Betty's picture all over town -- announcing her as the contest winner. The crowds agree! Waltham's is forced to crown Betty as the one and only woman with IT. The finale builds to a rousing celebration until Betty once again becomes the young woman at the nickelodeon. She leaves the black and world with a renewed spirit and heads toward the silver screen with a carefree Charleston as the lights fade, the curtain falls ... and that's IT. MUSICAL NUMBERS 1. Black and White World 2. Why Not? 3. IT 4. Mama's Arms 5. A Perfect Plan 6. Coney Island 7. Stay With Me 8. Left-Hand Arrangement 9. Step Into Their Shoes 10. Out At Sea 11. How Do You Say...? 12. You're the Best Thing that Ever Happened to Me 13. Finale CAST Betty Lou Spencer Monty Montgomery Mr Hottington Jonathan Waltham Capt. Walker Molly/Daisy Jane / Mrs Sullivan / Mrs. Van Norman Mr. Notting Daisy / Molly Adela Van Norman DISCOGRAPHY The It Girl 2001 Original Off-Broadway Cast